The NEW(dissapointment) Game.

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The NEW(dissapointment) Game.

Postby Adi1983ro » Tue Oct 24, 2017 1:36 am


I'm Adrian, about 34 years from Romania, it's the 1st time I use this forum, but I wanted to tell what I think about the new game, somewere.

Maybe it will be fair to say that I didn't buy the game, nor did I buy the stick of truth, downloaded them from piratebay, don't really have 60$ to spend on a game, but that's beside the point of this post.

While I loved the 1st game, enjoyed it so much, I played it several times from start, just to test other classes and do quests that I didn't did on 1st run, and overall I pretty much enjoyed that game very much, this time... the fun is just not the same.

The game is still nice, still gives you the southpark feeling, still makes you laugh, but the feeling now is just play it so I can get to the end and experience the story, I don't feel like doing side quests, and If they didn't had southpark characters in it, if it was based on another show, I wouldn't have played it more then 30min.

Beacause, the new combat system..... is f borring. 1st south park game, you could use any of your ability, you could max the one you like most, this time.... the combat mode feels rigid and annoyng, several times limited to only 1 ability, since the other 3 are blocked, other times you just have to skip turn, and the battles seems to last to long and in same time frustrating since you can't use at any moment your entire set of abilites.

The DNA addition, artefacts, and the way it works with character upgrade it's not bad, however, I feel it's a little to much, and the fact that clothes/armour don't give anything besides looks, it's so weird. In every game, a specific armour gives you something, you get a satisfaction for completing a set, here sets are just... for fashion, and that's not fun.

I feel so sad, that instead of improving on 1st game, you pretty much changed the entire game that was f amaizing, sure the game is still fun, it's southpark characters, southpark voice, southpark style, but I would have loved this story put on the older game, maybe with new buddy commands, and few other improvements you have made, but kept the same combat system, or at least the ability to use your spells anytime you want.

The bar for ultime is also a nice addition, since in the 1st game, the ultimates were pretty op, so that was a good thing to do to balance it, all the rest you did however... imo, that I played the 1st game a lot and really really enjoyed it, it's just not as good.

That's all,

thanks for reading :)

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