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South Park - Books, Comics, Novels. ETC

Postby Flip-Reaper-Z » Wed Nov 16, 2016 8:55 pm

This is my first ever post in forum for this site. I'm not sure if they already have a post for this subject I'm talking about. Like the title says, I'm a huge nerd of collecting books and stuff.

I've collected supposedly all 4 of the annual comics made by pedigree books.

Image Image Image Image

And these books as well;

Image Image Image Image Image

I'm still waiting on Pre ordering this drawing book since I'm curious to know the steps of it (Even though I drew them digitally);


If you guy's own a different book besides the one I thumb up here. Post a link or image and tell me what kind of book is it? Sorry about the huge images. Haha :D

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