Badly needing this South Park stuff for ages !!!!!

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Badly needing this South Park stuff for ages !!!!!

Postby leadjelly » Thu Nov 19, 2009 7:40 am

Apparently I haven't been able to find the following in a lot or for a reasonable price altogether and I'm BADLY in need of owning them. Someone here HAS TO HAVE THESE!! At least a good lot of them together for sale.

All 1998 largest versions or largest talking dolls with tags and VG to Excellent condition (meaning no shoe tears) :

Stan - talking
Kenny - talking
Cartman - talking
Kyle - talking
Broken Head Kenny
Chef - talking
Mr. Garrison
Big Gay Al
Terrance and Philip
Cartman's mom
Officer Barbady

etc... whatever other character that wasn't a variation of characters mentioned above that was released in 1998.

3 1998 collectors figurine sets + 1997 original wind-ups

Also the 6 inch collectable figures from 1998

Original t-shirts 1997 shirts XL or L - One 4 boys in background of school, oh my god kenny shirt original versions and have to clean.
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Re: Badly needing this South Park stuff for ages !!!!!

Postby Thunderhorse » Thu Nov 19, 2009 6:41 pm

I actually own several of those.
Talking Cartman
Talking Chef
Several figures, not 6-inch
6-inch Cartman
6-inch Chef
And I think I own the Kenny shirt you're thinking of.

Too bad l'm not selling. My mother's old job had a promotion where they were handing out South Park stuff to good employees (Which is weird since her job was heavily populated with elderly women). Thats how l got Chef, Choksondik, Mr. Hankey, Thompsons, all talking along with frozen Kenny. The rest I bought myself or received from my Uncle and Cousin.

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