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Postby Psychepsilo » Wed Nov 18, 2009 11:49 pm

Hi, y'all.
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Re: How annoying

Postby ssouthparkk4602 » Wed Nov 18, 2009 11:52 pm

Psychepsilo wrote:Funny how the site says quite explicitly that - A. The episode premiers on 11/18, which it is, and also B. that it's available now, which it clearly isn't.

Oh well.

This is the first time I've checked out this forum, and I can't help wondering if Trey and Matt get as much of a laugh over all the people who want to dictate their creativity as I did.

And what's all this whining about Kenny dying? The Kenny character was developed to make a point, that we as a society don't care about the poor, they're expendable. Has there been some sudden heartfelt change in this fact that I'm unaware of?

You folks DO realize that South Park is more than simple, mindless entertainment, right?

Rock on, guys. Keep on doing it exactly like you've always done it! You're visionary geniuses in a numbed and ignorant generation.

Time zones.
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Re: *1314: Pee* Post-Air Discussion

Postby VACOOLA » Wed Nov 18, 2009 11:56 pm

Concerning the notorious PH level... If P is for Pee and H is for Humor, then this one is certainly full of P, with almost no H to compensate.
Just kidding. :P Cartman's imaginary «minority world» and Kyle's «uropathy» humiliation were pretty good indeed.
And since when has Kyle become such a neat pussy?

Anyway, my best of the run is BBB.
Now, give me the banana! :mrgreen:
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Re: *1314: Pee* Post-Air Discussion

Postby Aleicia » Wed Nov 18, 2009 11:59 pm

ssouthparkk4602 wrote:Sorry, I forgot to link, here:

http://www.divxden.com/1vgcv6pwboy5/sou ... .flv.html#


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Re: How annoying

Postby Psychepsilo » Thu Nov 19, 2009 12:00 am

ssouthparkk4602 wrote:Time zones.

Well, I realized that.
What I was complaining about was the fact that in spite of the time zones, the site says it's available, but it's not.

It's all good. Now I'm watching it elsewhere.
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Re: *1314: Pee* Post-Air Discussion

Postby JustSit » Thu Nov 19, 2009 12:03 am

VACOOLA wrote:And since when has Kyle become such a neat pussy?

Seriously! Isn't this the same kid bringing a piece of poo to school? handling Mr. Hankey with his hands? Didn't Kyle go down in the sewers of Southpark to find Mr. Hankey? Now of course I would say drinking pee and swimming in an ocean of pee is a bit disgusting, and I wouldn't do it, so I don't blame Kyle.
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Re: *1314: Pee* Post-Air Discussion

Postby joevill » Thu Nov 19, 2009 12:04 am

How many of you gagged during the scene where Kyle had to drink pee?
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Re: *1314: Pee* Post-Air Discussion

Postby Ike_ve » Thu Nov 19, 2009 12:05 am

minorities, mexicans and asians, black people i think i even saw native american (grosse)

my water park!! :)

Cartman, another song hit! They must put the full song in the downloads area
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Re: *1314: Pee* Post-Air Discussion

Postby Aleicia » Thu Nov 19, 2009 12:12 am

*letting the video buffer*

I have got to stop reading the post-air discussions before I watch the ep! I keep ruining the episode for myself :(

haha... all the minorities. wtf.
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Re: *1314: Pee* Post-Air Discussion

Postby ihit2runxx » Thu Nov 19, 2009 12:22 am

where is the alien im so sad i cant find him ;(
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Re: *1314: Pee* Post-Air Discussion

Postby shadowmwo » Thu Nov 19, 2009 12:29 am

Poor monkeys , they were getting peed on and shot in the head. lol
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Re: *1314: Pee* Post-Air Discussion

Postby crecentmoon2 » Thu Nov 19, 2009 12:44 am

I threw up a little when Kyle drank that pee.
Other than that, I enjoyed the episode. I really liked kyle's reactions to the gross stuff people do lol. And is it me, or does Kyle seem to be screwed over A LOT?
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Re: *1314: Pee* Post-Air Discussion

Postby kirsm » Thu Nov 19, 2009 12:51 am

It wasn't the best but it was hilarious nonetheless. Couldn't stop laughing! Great way to end the season though. I can't wait till Season 14 starts.

"If there's one more thing I hate more than pee, it's bananas"

The banana antecdote cracked me up and the poor little monkeys. Oh and Kyle having to drink that pee only to be saved by the choppers after he drank it all. haha.

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Re: *1314: Pee* Post-Air Discussion

Postby SirKerrek » Thu Nov 19, 2009 12:57 am

Son of a...

I can't believe it. Another season of South Park has slipped through our fingers, and we're gonna have to wait till March for another good-seven-weeks. But in the meanwhile... episode review time.

Pee, eh? Well, I can't think of a more appropriate title for this episode, due to the fact that it was positively overloaded with pee. Despite the fact that a pee-flood is kind of, well, immature... it is, after all, South Park. And a flood of pee? That's pretty genuinely funny imo.

Not to mention Cartman's downright "minority" assholery. The song? Meh. Funny in areas, but really a little too long. Cartman breaking into cheesy/typical songs is kind of one of his new trademarks, let's just hope it doesn't overstay its welcome (more Poker Face, tho :P ).

Overall, the episode really delivered on the laughs, even if the plot was... well... a sea of urine. But I'm totally okay with that, and as such, I really liked this episode.

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Re: *1314: Pee* Post-Air Discussion

Postby iloveyouguys » Thu Nov 19, 2009 1:08 am



i laughed so hard when Butters was all pissed off that Cartman lived! XD

but now we have to wait until season 14 for more South Park... :cartmancry:

how will i manage? oh yeah, i'll just spend every waking minute here watching old episodes and posting, posting, posting!
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