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by hubengard
Sat Nov 18, 2017 9:10 pm
Forum: Spoilers/New Episode Discussion
Topic: *2108: Moss Piglets* Post-Air Discussion
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Re: *2108: Moss Piglets* Post-Air Discussion

This episode gets me worried, I really don't like the way Heidi evolves, both physically and morally. This was actually the worst case scenario for me when I saw the Cartman-Heidi relationship unfold before my eyes for the first time: " Heidi becomes nothing but a genderbent Cartman clone ", and now...
by hubengard
Sat Nov 18, 2017 8:38 pm
Forum: Off Topic Discussion
Topic: The "Introduce Yourself Here" Topic
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Re: The "Introduce Yourself Here" Topic

Hi fellows, :) New kid in the town. Like, legit new. Just made the account today. Been wandering on the forum for long, and been watching SP roughly since the early decade. Now I estimated that it was time to tell you whomst am I x I would just copypaste my profile description, but I don't feel like...

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