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by ShesInParties
Thu Mar 23, 2006 4:02 am
Forum: Spoilers/New Episode Discussion
Topic: *1001: The Return of Chef*
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That was a great episode. Probably the most dramatic one ever, though. Wow.

That cleared a lot up about what was realling going on with the whole Isaac/Scientology thing.

I've always thought it was great how Matt and Trey could always parallel and satirize real-life issues in the show.
by ShesInParties
Mon Dec 12, 2005 2:46 am
Forum: Character Discussion
Topic: Does Kenny Look Better With Or Without His Hood??
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I like him with his hood on. It's part of what makes Kenny himself. I mean, seeing him without his hood a couple times is cool.. but the hood is part of his character. It doesn't seem like the same Kenny without his hood.

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