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by Natalee18
Thu May 24, 2007 12:51 pm
Forum: Games
Topic: Post a random Chuck Norris fact
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Few facts about Chuck I've got stuck in my head: -Chuck Norris doesn’t sleep. He waits. -Only Chuck Norris counted to infinity. Twice. -There was no World War II, Chuck Norris just was looking for his hat. -Chuck Norris had an idea to sell his own urine as a drink. Today this drink is known as Red B...
by Natalee18
Tue May 22, 2007 8:08 pm
Forum: Off Topic Discussion
Topic: Do you have a phobia?
Replies: 180
Views: 33183 Is that your phobia ? Marlin Manson with all his make-up and stuff ? Anyway... I hate crowded places. I feel very uncomfortable when there’s many people around me and I’m afraid of them. I always think they’re watching me, and it’s a matter of time when so...

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