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by jeqis
Mon Mar 24, 2008 5:47 pm
Forum: Spoilers/New Episode Discussion
Topic: *1203: Major Boobage* Pre-Air Discussion
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Re: *1203: Major Boobage* Pre-Air Discussion

YESSS!!! finally Kenny is getting his own episode! lol i couldnt quite get the new clip, but i think kenny is "Tripping Balls" with acid man...

cant wait to see it :D :D :D
by jeqis
Thu Mar 13, 2008 3:06 pm
Forum: Spoilers/New Episode Discussion
Topic: *1201 Tonsil Trouble* Post-Air Discussion
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Re: *Episode 1201 Post-Air Discussion*

I cant beleive Cartman gave aids to Kyle, it is unbeleivable how Cartman would think that he would get even by giving Kyle Aids... This must be the worst thing Cartman has ever done, I think its even worse from when he killed Scott Tenorman's parents. But all in all i think this is the best episode...

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