How 'bout some "Team America" slash?

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How 'bout some "Team America" slash?

Postby Throbert McGee » Sat Nov 14, 2009 5:35 pm

I just thought that the blowjob scene between Gary and Spottswoode was a bit tepid -- mere crumbs compared to the lavish banquet of marionette-sex that Gary had with Lisa.

If I were going to cast a Supermarionation™ gay porno with characters from TA:WP, the most obvious pairing, to me, would be Chris and Spottswoode.

Chris, of course, may have lingering issues with male/male affection as a result of having been raped by Mr. Mistoffelees, but he doesn't show any heterosexual interests at all in the movie. And Spottswoode clearly has an eye for men, as encoded by his name: "spots wood" = "notices an erection." So maybe he'd be just the right sort of stern but gentle "gay daddy" figure to help Chris finally get over that CATS trauma.

(And of course, MATT DAMON!! would be spying on them and struggling to unzip his pants as he watches Chris and Spottswoode makin' hot m2m puppet-love. )
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