The South Park Festival

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The South Park Festival

Postby snapfrog97 » Mon May 17, 2010 11:04 pm

Hello, my name is Dimitri Vallejo, I am 13 years old as of July 16th, and I am absolutely in love with South Park. For the past couple years I have been greatly enjoying your wonderful episodes and attacks on society. I believe, and I'm sure my friends would agree that Trey Parker and Matt Stone are lyrical wordsmiths who can fold the fabric of writing into a symbolic and interesting story which can relate to the current and past world in a way which other writers try but fail in achieving. I understand how much pressure the entire South Park crew is under as of the past couple weeks, because of the extremist threat set toward Comedy Central and your first ever episode banned. I was one of the lucky ones who got to see it live. I envy the fact that many of you know the final speech that Kyle gave about free speech, which got bleeped out by Comedy Central. I really hope that you will be able to fight these horrible edits to your masterpiece, and eventually be able to stream it live on South Park Studios for everyone to see.

Anyhow, many of my friends and I who are also South Park fanatics have decided to raise enough money to celebrate South Park in a way that has never been done before. A couple years back, my family had a huge party at my house with over two hundred guests. It was a blast and we had an amazing time. The reason I am telling about this, is because we also had a theater in my parent's studio (they are both artists), and it may be relevant to what I am planning to do with this celebration. My friends and I have all planned out exactly what we want to do for this. We expect to have exactly four days to the festival (which is what we are calling it; South Park Festival), Kenny Day, Kyle Day, Stan Day, and last Cartman or Eric Day. Each day we will be streaming in the movie theater episodes starring the chosen character until night time. At night, we will stream the South Park Movie, Imagination Land, and then other great creations by Trey Parker and Matt Stone. I personally have seen about everything they have ever done, including every South Park season at least three times, and every movie at least five times. My personal favorites are BASEketball and Team America. Getting back on track, we also plan to have all the vendors dressed up as the designated character (either Stan, Kyle, Kenny or Eric). There will be tons of South Park clothing, accessories, and games available to purchase. Also, we want to create a main event, which will be held in a large portion of the area. Last there will be food and beverages served, along with candy and junk food!

So, the main reason I am writing to you today is to ask you one question. Can you please help us! We really could cover the funds of the project, by putting all our money we have made over the years into it, but we really need backing and advertising. Basically, the most advertising we could ever ask for, and the biggest gift we could ever get, would be for Trey Parker or Matt Stone, maybe even both to arrive for a short period of time on Cartman/Eric Day to give a short or long speech on how they feel about their creation. Please, anything would be great, as I said before, that is the biggest thing we could ever possibly ask for. Well, thanks for reading through this entire message, I know it probably was a chore to hear a dumb little 13 year old ask for something so great, but if you could take a little time out of your day to pass this message on to anyone who could help me, or at least write back, it would make me so very happy.


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Re: The South Park Festival

Postby splover22 » Sat May 14, 2011 1:41 am

nice to see someone who understands a love of south park like i do. :) a festival would be totally kick ass!

you saw 200????????????? holy sh*t dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

what about butters day?

do you like my multiple punctuation marks??????????

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