Video Player Season 21 Episode 01

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Video Player Season 21 Episode 01

Postby zzyzx 2 » Mon Sep 18, 2017 9:13 pm

I tried to watch 2101 on the South Park/Hulu Video Player here on this site (Southpark.CC.Com). The first attempt, between the opening credits and Act I, there were four commercials. One commercial hung, and the player was dead. So I reloaded the page and we started over - commercial, opening credits, and now only two commercials. None of them were the commercial that hung. After Act I there were two commercials. The second commercial was the one that hung the first time. It hung again! I don't know what the ad was for, but a screen cap of the beginning of the commercial, the point where the commercial and the video play hung, is attached at the bottom of this post. There is no way to view the entire episode if this malfunctioning commercial pops up randomly during the commercial portion of the video playback. I am not going to spend hours watching the episode from the beginning in the hopes that this commercial won't pop up, allowing me to see the episode all the way through.

Thank you.

By the way, if I click on the stalled page of the commercial, I am redirected here.

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Re: Video Player Season 21 Episode 01

Postby Big-Will » Mon Sep 18, 2017 10:07 pm

Confirmed. A 90-second commercial that won't play???
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