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Postby plk12345 » Tue Jun 12, 2007 3:26 am

yep, i have tried to camouflage my extremism lately. Homosexuality does go against natural order. You are in an intimate sexual relationship. It is love. I never said love was only about procreation. I said that sex should be between a man and a woman because the act of procreating is natural. Sex is obviously meant to be pleasurable, and meant to be between a man and a woman. man and woman. That is natural order. That is the beauty of nature. homosexuality goes completely against tradition, nature, and popular sovereigntyI have never held in anything to impress you motherf*ckers. I have said a bunch of sh*t to get desired reactions, but never to hide my supposed "extremism". You have to be the stupidest bunch of sh*t heads i have ever spoken to. That's right, if it is a bunch of f*cking retarded insults i get in this dead thread, then thats what i give back. Morons. Christians believe in the law "OMG, OMG, love, christianity, no more law, love is love, love is love, christianity is about love" christianity is also about the law of moses and striving toward perfectin through jesus christ. he didn't come to destroy the law, but to fulfill it. Kyle the Skeptic, you f*cking idiot. Jesus claimed he was god. He couldn't have been just a wise man. he was god, a madman, a fool, or a liar. no gray area. The empty tomb is historical, but religion cannot be proven. I'll grant you that. its amazing the type of sh*t i hear from you crackheads, from the beginning with gay rights debate thread to this. You have constantly made me laugh in your stupidity, and i have gotten the desired results when i spew out a bunch of bullsh*t to piss you off. to kyle the skeptic, jesus claimed he was god. You can't just take some of what he said and erase everything else. Besides, why do you even trust the gospel record of what he said when it made abrupt claims about his divinity? Oh, i know, you're a moron. MaxwellsSilverHammer, love is love, right? you're a christian yet you abandon the law? How? Oh, i know, you are also a moron. Is homosexuality a sin? well the law of moses clearly says so, but you and nommel blank that out of your mind because it doesn't suite your lifestyle. Kyle the skeptic, the fact that jesus thought he was god makes him either god or a madman. Just ignore all the verses i pointed out to you , right?I guess you can take certain things he said as moral truths, like i take certain things from buddhism as moral truths, but you can't say he is a good person. love is love, love is love, love is love, christianity is love, im so sick and tired of this bullshti. THE LAW STILL STANDS AND IT IS JUST AS MUCH A PART OF CHRISTIANITY AS LOVE. ITS NO WANDER YOU KEEP AVOIDING THE QUESTION. I started this debate with intentions of rational discussion. This is the sh*t i get? I don't hate gays, just because i think it is wrong, immoral, and a sin doesn't mean i hate gays. I love homosexuals, i love the world. If i were to condemn you, i would be condemning myself, because i am in sin. You people just abandon the law. I love the world

that being said

this is how we're going to do this
f*ck kyle the skeptic
f*ck nommel
f*ck moondragon
albino black sheep, f*ck YOU TOO
Schantrac, f*ck YOU TOO
MaxwellsSilverHammer, f*ck YOU TOO
all you motherf*ckers, f*ck YOU TOO
all you motherf*ckers f*ck YOU TOO
take money
take money
nommel, f*ck you too
kts, f*ck YOU TOO
shanehaughey, f*ck YOU TOO
anyone who has spoken against me, or who agrees with these people, f*ck YOU TOO

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, i found new music recently

man that was nice
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Postby Big-Will » Tue Jun 12, 2007 3:35 am

Oh, if only this thread would have stuck to just believing in God or not...

And Jesus said, "f*ck all of you for sh*tting up this thread."
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