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Postby Taranis_Music » Mon Sep 10, 2007 10:46 pm

Guess_Who_I_Am_Not wrote:
angeldeb82 wrote:
albino.black.sheep wrote:
Kyle the Skeptic wrote:Pfft! Obviously you haven't actually read the book, and have copied that list off an online spoilers site just to try to impress everyone. :roll: Harry Potter is an archetypal fictional messiah figure, therefore it's only fitting that he sacrifice his life to save everyone. Anyone who has read the book, which I finished about a month ago, would already know that Harry himself does in fact die before the end. It's true! And his last words were, "Tell my fangirls that I'm not gay..."

LOL, it's all true. Apart from the fangirl bit.

But I'd been studying story and plot for the last three years and I could see it was gonna end the way it did. Hell, even my snail could see the way it was gonna end.

And honestly, I don't see the point of posting a list of who died, a month and a half after the book was officially released, because anyone who cared would've found out one way of another by this time.

EDIT: And technically yeah, he did die.

Well, Harry had a near-death experience, but that doesn't mean he died forever! Take a look at this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harry_Potter_%28character%29

It says here: "To defeat Harry, Voldemort steals the Elder Wand from Dumbledore's tomb. It is the most powerful wand ever created, and he twice casts the Killing Curse on Harry with it. The first attempt merely stuns Harry into a death-like state. In chapter 35 ("King's Cross"), Dumbledore's spirit tells Harry that when Voldemort failed to kill baby Harry and disembodied himself, Harry became an unintentional horcrux; Voldemort could not kill Harry while the Dark Lord's soul shard was within Harry's body. Voldemort's second Killing Curse also fails because Voldemort used Harry's blood in his resurrection."

Don't you see?

Every post I read by you makes me want to stab myself with a pen

You and me both. Oh, and It never actually says that Bellatrix is dead in the book.

angeldeb### wrote:Voldemort's second Killing Curse also fails because Voldemort used Harry's blood in his resurrection."

It was because Harry was the true master of the Elder Wand and wasn't going to kill its master.

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