endearing racial slurs?

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endearing racial slurs?

Postby tase_me » Wed Jun 27, 2007 7:40 am

HEY i know how much all you guys love to argue over controversial things, So here's one for you to tear at and fight over, A question that has been poking me for a few days now.

NOw recently i have become sexually attracted to Leon Trotsky. I prefer to call him, "Mr. TroppyWoppy Kike" as an endearing nickname. He is a jew, yes. And so, if i call him Kike, yet i mean it positively, endearingly, does that still count as an offensive racial slur?
Now it is still the word, but it is just a sound now, stripped from it's hateful meaning and replaced with TEEHEE!!! HOwever we cannot erase the impact it has after years of it being associated with all the sh*t the jews have been through, poor poor jews, they are most hunted mammal in the savannah.

however a con to this usage that may be a problem is that, sadistically, i feel good when calling Mr Trotsky a kike in my head, as i feel it lowers him and empowers me - yet it is still endearingly said - - and like i said that could be a problem.

Now being the plain white i am, i must ask some people who are not white how they feel.

So go at it, GO on!
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Re: endearing racial slurs?

Postby Big-Will » Wed Jun 27, 2007 9:20 am

tase_me wrote:i have become sexually attracted to Leon Trotsky.

I think your problems are bigger than the offensiveness of "kike."
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