Do u Smoke, Did u, have ever smoked?

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Re: Do u Smoke, Did u, have ever smoked?

Postby kfgg » Sun Feb 10, 2008 3:36 pm

Sorry I'm late on this...

Never smoked weed. Had the opportunity several times in 8th grade but passed each time. I was afraid I wouid get in trouble.

Cigarettes I first smoked one when I was skipping class in 6th grade. Took a few hits at a friends house several times in 8th grade.

Took a hit with some kids in the bathroom in 9th grade right as a teacher was walking in. Around early 2002 (2nd half of freshman year of HS) I picked up one from the ground, smoked it and then started to want to start smoking, but I didn't.

After that, nothing until 2005 or so when my mom started smoking again which really upset me. She was a heavy smoker when I was younger and ended up having to stop because of a collapsed lung.

On our way to the dentist she lit one I told her "no I don't want to breathe that" finally it led to FINE I'LL DO IT TOO!

Since then, I've only smoked when waiting in the car looking at her pack of cigarettes or when losing my mind.

I'm not a smoker and am not a fan of smoking and for some reason I can't get addicted. I smoked an entire pack of cigarettes one night within 1 hour and I still didn't get addicted. I also bought a pack when I got my ID and smoked up. Lots of fun (not)

My mom is another story. In the car its one right after another and I breathe it right in and it makes my left lung hurt.
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Re: Do u Smoke, Did u, have ever smoked?

Postby Mr. Hat_DX27 » Mon Feb 11, 2008 12:29 am

Ever since the course of the summer this year, I've been...kinda iffy about the whole smoking thing...more than usual...mainly because of stuff that I don't really feel like getting into...let's just say I almost lost someone.

But yeah, I never really got into it, don't really plan on it in the near or distant future, but don't hold it against those who do do it, just cause I'm a to-each-their-own kinda person like that. :P
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Re: Do u Smoke, Did u, have ever smoked?

Postby gtaca2005 » Mon Feb 11, 2008 12:33 am

I will never. Seeing people tweak is enough to keep me from even just smoke.
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Re: Do u Smoke, Did u, have ever smoked?

Postby superiorsavior » Thu Feb 14, 2008 12:39 am

Seeing people tweak is enough to keep me from even just smoke

What the hell has Tweeking got to do with Tobacco? Or cannabis even? Smoking crack/crystal, something i'd never do. They're about the only widely smoked stimulants, that I know of, so how's it put you off smoking?

I'd never smoke, but i haqve the highest Carbon Monoxide/ carcinogen levels in my blood of the whole school (they tested us all in assembly for tobbaco) and it was suggested I get help to stop smoking, like Niccotine gum, when I WASN'T EVEN A SMOKER and never will be! I PASSIVE smoke a 100 a day, i'd say, thanks to my crazed chimny parents. But i did get to try niccotine gum by telling my parents i smoked after that assembly... and didn't get high, at all. What's the point of wasting money like that, on something that's ONLY going to make you have cancer?
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