Gamergate & SJW Feminism

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Gamergate & SJW Feminism

Postby Ser Douchebag » Thu Sep 25, 2014 10:07 pm

Just curious as to what everybody's opinion on both is. I get the vibe that this is a topic that T&M could really get into with a Cartman/Wendy episode. Hell most of the internet SJW crowd is essentially Cartman with a pair of tits.
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Re: Gamergate & SJW Feminism

Postby JamesPup » Fri Sep 26, 2014 1:00 am

I had no idea what a Gamergate was and what a SJW Feminism was but looked them up. I guess you mean to say Cartman hates women and thinks they suck at video games? Well I always thought Cartman liked chicks. I mean Wendy is always taken and I always thought he liked her somewhat. I don’t think Cartman is sexist. He is racist against Jews and Hippies and a lot of other things but women I think he really has been cool to during the whole airing of this show so far. Wendy being a SJW is probably not true and a feminist is true. She seems to want to gain popularity through crusades of women’s rights and she always fights for women’s issues. As far as taking a popular issue and side I guess she does but more main issues like things out of the news and not just things a person can read about in a blog. A Wendy/Cartman episode is always funny and I bet we will see another one by season 20. I still remember Cartman eating his underwear in front of Wendy and that was killer. I kind of think that the show wants to have Wendy not be a sell out and be a SJW who doesn’t believe in what they are saying. Wendy is like Elizabeth Cady Stanton who like founded women’s rights. Wendy is not really doing it for popularity. I think she believes in what she stands for. Cartman is too close to being gay sometimes that I think that the writers came up with the idea that Cartman would be cool to women all the time. I mean sure Cartman gives Wendy a hard time sometimes like saying BOO to her but I got a feeling he liked her or was hissy about Stan spending to much time with Wendy and not him. I think Cartman’s angry moments towards women can be explained and would point to him not being sexist. Just me though. You never hear Cartman making fun of women for being women. But Cartman does make fun of Kyle for being Jewish. Cartman if he was sexist would say I hate you Wendy bcause you are female, which he hasn't done because he isn't yet. I think that what you think these two characters are like is wrong. Still I am curious as to what others will say about this issue. Does anyone really think Cartman is a Gamergate and Wendy is a SJW Feminist?
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Re: Gamergate & SJW Feminism

Postby triplemultiplex » Fri Oct 03, 2014 6:45 am

JamesPup wrote:I don’t think Cartman is sexist. He is racist against Jews and Hippies and a lot of other things but women I think he really has been cool to during the whole airing of this show so far.

I strongly disagree. As early as the 5th episode in the entire series, Fatass is ranting about not taking any 'sh*t' from a 'woman'. The way he disrespects his own mother is extremely telling. It's not hard to find other examples. Really, Eric Cartman is a piece of sh*t to anyone who is not Eric Cartman.

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Re: Gamergate & SJW Feminism

Postby weaslex » Mon Oct 20, 2014 11:47 pm

You've got the Anita Sarcasians and Zoey Quinns that actually are fighting this for the right reasons... MONEY. Anita set up a kickstarter and failed to deliver her product in full without any updates. Zoey has a Rebel Jam donation, linked directly to her PAY PAL. So... yeah, those two are ethical SJW's.

Then you have the good old fashioned non-corrupt gaming Journalists. They won't cover the Fine Young Capitalist story because it's just not interesting enough. Not that there's any collusion with Zoey Quinn. (sarcasm) You don't have Neogaff, Polygon, Redit, gamersgate shadow banning people, and deleting comments, no... that would be ridiculous.

You don't even have a secret cabal of journalists gathering together and trying to handle situations... EXCEPT THAT YOU DO. ... lism-elite

Seriously, these SJW people could be batman villains, they play the roll so well. If anyone deserves to be made fun of by South Park, it's these yuppies.

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