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Re: Star Wars

Postby JamesPolo » Tue Aug 27, 2019 4:48 am

There was a nice new trailer for the latest Star Wars movie The Rise of Skywalker today. Not sure what to make of the title. I guess there is still someone in the family bloodline that is a Skywalker. That could be Kylo Ren or Rey. In the video there is a scene that shows Rey with a Red lightsaber meaning she was now a bad guy. Not sure if that is a ploy or dream or what. We know that Princess Leia dies but not much else. The cast says Palpatine and Luke are in the movie but both are suppose to be dead, not sure where that is going other than force ghosts. Then there is Poe, Fin, and Rose, I would like to see how these characters would fit in if Rey becomes a bad guy, it just doesn't seem like these three main characters would just die. I think Rey as a bad guy would only be a dream or vision of the future or temporary. Kylo Ren doesn't seem to be able to switch sides so he must stay a bad guy throughout or have a Darth Vader finish. I can see Palpatine guiding Kylo Ren but would he really make the same mistake again if he is alive and die like he did with Darth Vader? We have seen this scene twice now where apprentice kills off the master with Darth Sidious and Snoke. Seeing that again seems stupid. Not sure why Rey would betray the Rebels unless the weird parent plot is reused. I guess her parents will either turn out to be someone big or nobodies. Not sure why else Rey would turn bad unless someone was able to help her learn of her parents or lied to her of who they were to make her obedient. With Rey being a bad guy, what will the other three heroes do? Also Carrie Fishers daughter who plays Connix may have a big role in the film out of respect of her dead mother. It seems like there will be a build up where the bad guys are with like the Star Killer base and maybe they kill a whole lot of the Rebels and civilians and planets and that Rey will be talked to join Kylo Ren and they will just end up having a huge fight and Rey wins and the movie ends with the Rebels winning. I wish Disney would just use history and the many different examples of how someone who is a king or general can die. I'm tired of seeing rehashing of scenes. Just have a character die like Jesus or like the Tsar family or like Caesar or Hitler or Napoleon or like Alexander the Great or like many other important and famous people in history.
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Re: Star Wars

Postby JVM » Tue Oct 15, 2019 6:47 am

I grew up with the Star Wars films and though most over thirty will insist the prequel films are desolate garbage, I was too young to question Phantom Menace and if you accept that at face value, the rest isn't so difficult. Those six films formed a crucial, foundational element of the person I became today, philosophically and creatively. No film will ever make me feel the way Revenge of the Sith did, seeing it on opening night in theaters as an older kid.


I can't stand the franchise anymore, any of it. It's all hot garbage. The self-seriousness that these films have been assigned, long before the Disney takeover but significantly codified by it, has completely ruined them. These are not supposed to be the pinnacle of filmmaking, and they never were. They are supposed to campy, melodramatic throwbacks to an earlier era with more advanced special effects relatively speaking. The way film culture corrupted the franchise as something far more sophisticated than it was has ruined the overall conception of the franchise in a way no single good film can ever fix.

The fact people hold up Han Solo as one of the greatest characters in all of film history, someone who is a very bland archetype in every single script and only ever seemed smart because of Harrison Ford's acting, probably says it most... which is exactly why Ford had no desire to return to the role, or these movies.

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