Gun safety measures?

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Gun safety measures?

Postby buildyourguns » Mon Oct 05, 2020 6:35 am

When you build your guns, you need to know the importance of all the safety measures. Firstly, you'll have to keep the muzzle pointed in the right direction. Never point the gun when you're not about to take down a target. Even an unarmed weapon is dangerous, and always remember to unload all the rounds. Well, you have to keep the philosophy simple. Do not think that the Gun is light-hearted. A weapon is known to scare the hell out of you
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Re: Gun safety measures?

Postby little_tiny_baby_monkey_kitty_child » Mon Oct 12, 2020 10:50 am

you just buy one or get one however and put it in the panic room and forget about it.. no person in their right mind rallys around their guns thats so stupid to like want to kill people. you have to own one to tell the popo santas to f*ck off that you mean business buddy, no but you have to say it like the n*gger in the back of mister t's taxi cab like "and i mean business buddy!" they own theirs so we own ours its like spatula sometimes you cook hamburgers you get it out but you hope you never live with a vegan. what if you were trapped by a million giant n*gger dick rapists would you go into a trance anyway and take it like a woman up the hiny? you could steal the gun powder out of the bullets and cross over to the it wont really kill you world.

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