Favorite Matt and Trey Movie

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Favorite Matt and Trey Movie?

Cannibal! The Musical
South Park: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut
Team America: World Police
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Postby crab_people21 » Mon Feb 27, 2006 9:43 pm

South park blu and team America was hard to choice both really funny I have seen team America uncut its really good but I chose south park probable because of this:
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Postby Del Negro 50 » Sun Mar 05, 2006 11:00 pm

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Postby b-o-n-d-o » Sun Mar 12, 2006 7:36 am

its big its long its in my pants!

lol but for real south park bigger longer and uncut owns
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Postby Grave Digger » Mon Mar 20, 2006 2:28 am

Cannibal gets my vote. Spadoinkle!
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Postby Cartman_91 » Wed Mar 22, 2006 2:01 am

I haven't seen Cannibal Or Orgazmo But

1. South Park BLU

2. BaseketBall

3. Team America
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Gfresh is theman

Postby canibus232 » Tue Mar 28, 2006 1:35 pm

orgasmo best movie ever I mean cmon "I am sanjo
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Postby talkjawking100 » Fri Apr 14, 2006 4:11 pm

Here's my ranking:

2. Orgazmo
3. Team America: World Police
4. BASEketball (which shouldn't count cause MattnTrey didn't write it)

Haven't seen Cannibal cause I can't find it anywhere!! :evil:
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Postby wademyr » Sat Apr 15, 2006 1:35 pm

South Park is my favorite, but Team America is a close second, and BASEketball is third.
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Postby Butters_06 » Wed Apr 19, 2006 2:15 pm

its gotta be BASEket Ball followed very very closely by Team America then South Park blu
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Postby Butters1990 » Wed Apr 19, 2006 5:49 pm

1. Team America: World Police
2. South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut
3. BASEketball
4. Orgazmo
5. Cannibal: The Musical

Mine was so hard to choose, Between South Park movie and Team america.
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Postby Fatt Ass » Wed Apr 19, 2006 5:55 pm

Even though Baseket ball was probably there most stupid it is still the greatest movie every.
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Postby thrashmaniac87 » Thu Apr 20, 2006 6:43 am

Cannibal: The Musical all the way, it's what made me want to become a film director. The people who don't have CTB first on their list havn't seen it.
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Postby sandernei » Fri Apr 21, 2006 12:54 am

Cannibal the Musical
It is plain funny, although production value is close to zero, those damn songs compensate for everything..."the sky is blue and all the leaves are green" :P
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Postby spiritualsuicide » Fri Apr 21, 2006 12:57 am

Now that I finally have them all, I have to say that Orgazmo is my favorate.
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Postby TiffanyD » Sun Apr 30, 2006 5:46 pm

I know they didn't do anything in this movie but act but I love Baseketball! I can watch that movie over and over again and it's still super funny! It shows them all acting probably like they do when they are hanging out. Plus, Trey looks superhot in that movie. :wink:
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