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Should Pot be legalized?

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Postby Aquaspikes87 » Sat Sep 08, 2007 3:52 am

Ok smoking pot is prabley not the best thing to do, but really should it be looked down on because society hates it? Or just just doesnt approve of the idea? How many times have u heard in the news that so and so died from an overdose of marijuana? Or a car accident caused by marijuana? I have heard more crap about people dieing of alcohol and cigarettes than weed. I understand that it may have not been talked about because its not legal and the others are, type thing, but in all reality, if people are trying to legalize it and u dont want it that way, dont u think we should have been talking about the mishaps of using marijuana (accidents and such)? I mean really, what kind of sense does that make?
Im Crystal.
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Postby SuperMaids » Sun Sep 09, 2007 2:03 am

Looking back on this thread, it's sad to see only two users actually commented on the actual LAWS regarding canabis, and weather or not they're actually any good at solving the problem(they're not by the way).
It's even sadder to see I'm one of them.
This isn't a debate over weather drugs are any good, because it wouldn't matter if they were the most evil things ever made in the universe ever, as the laws only benefit drug barons (who wouldn't have any bigger proffits than the local chemist if there wasn't any laws), psychiatrists (who wouldn't have any 'patients' to 'medicate' if they could skip the middle man and get the stuff themselves) and succesful politicians (who can blame almost all crime on drugs in the way they used to do with the devil and the Jews).
To see how Babera streisand quality EVIL these laws are (I'm too tired/lazed to write them myself) check this great guide to legalisation or remain an ignorant bigot forever ... alisation/

I'd appriciate it myself now if someone mentioned the laws in this reborn thread, because I have to write an essay all of my own on the subject (for RE of all things), but can't pirate what's already been written because um... nothing much has been written on the LAWS themselves.

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