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Poll:How many more seasons do you think South Park will last

Posted: Tue Feb 26, 2013 2:43 am
by Cewyah
:D In my opinion I think probably about 5 more, what about you? I want to hear your opinion!!

Re: Poll:How many more seasons do you think South Park will

Posted: Thu Feb 28, 2013 4:01 am
by bailrocks123
This thought actually kinda scares me, because we are coming up on Season 17. Remember what age Chef said it was ok to have sex? 17. Nope. Just 17. You don't have to be ready, or in love. Just 17. Maybe that was kinda a message. After all, the boys should all be 24 by now (if you take their age at Season 1) and the fact they are cutting the season short, AND no A and B runs (the A run was supposed to start next week, actually) Maybe, just maybe, South Park has gotten old. Like when Stan turned 10 (Stan was actually a reference to the show, how it's/he's not the same.) Like, look. Chef, Mrs. Choksondik, Pip and Mrs. Crabtree are all dead (Butters might be too, I mean, Cartman did feed him another almond M&M, and we have'nt heard back from him.) Watch "Cartman gets an Anal Probe" and "Obama Wins!" back-to-back. Look at the difference. Ok, I'm over thinking this, aren't I? Anyways, here's some Smiles! :timmy: :santa: :parishilton: :assface: :gaykenny: :unhoodedkenny: :tweek: :stanpuke: :chaos: :craig: :cartmanangry: