'NDA' Dear South Park Writers

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Should the Southpark Writers make an episode about Non-Disclosure Agreements?

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'NDA' Dear South Park Writers

Postby Joshex » Wed Jun 10, 2015 1:51 pm

Dear writers of south park, please find it in your hearts and minds to do an episode on NDA's (Non-Disclosure Agreements)

they are a new fad in the corporate world of video game publishers.

Let me explain why I'm asking for this as a topic in an episode;

an NDA or a Non-Dislosure Agreement is a relatively new and legally binding agreement with severe repercussions for those who break it. The terms are that before anything business-wise is discussed, first all parties must agree to keep their mouths shut and never speak of anything that's said during the deal/negotiations outside of the negotiations.

in short it's basically a corporations way to say "sure we can discuss that just come into this dark uninhabited alleyway where no one ever goes and no one can hear you scream and we'll discuss it with me and my boys."

once under an NDA they can bully you in a thuggish manner and there is no court or law that can save you. Going to a court about unfair actions done during the NDA covered discussions constitutes a breach of the NDA, which can land you severe consequences up to and including jail time. This penalty even extends to cover the content of failed negotiations forever after they are done.

It's... it's just not right, it shouldn't be legal business behavior!

I think if more people see an episode showing the negative side of NDAs there would be enough evidence to make a call to put and end to them and make them illegal business behavior.

In summary NDA is a way for corporations to bully people during business transactions and even perform illegal business actions without fear of repercussion because even if 'the bullied' go to a court about it, the first topic the court will hear is about them breaking the NDA and the corp. will get off scott-free.

NDA can also be used to permanently silence competitors or people trying to get game companies to release/sell the code of shutdown 'sunset' game servers. All the Corp has to do is keep the negotiations 'active' in their books and no one involved can talk about it.

This is a reference to NCSoft and how they shutdown the Superhero MMORPG City of Heroes and City of Villains over 2 years ago (for no valid reason as it still had tons of paying players filling 12 servers, and there is no successor) and have entered into at least 2 NDAs so far in which there was an attempted purchase of the intellectual property and server code, the first NDA ended with the former City of Heroes dev team Paragon Studios (who were trying to buy the game) saying NCSoft made Quote: "Unacceptable Demands" : Unquote, so they ended the deal. the second NDA is still underway and has been for some time now.

There may have also been a purchase attempt from Disney (yes that disney) who shortly after they were pitched-to, started rejecting former player's letters thanking Disney for considering the deal. My guess is they entered an NDA with NCSoft didn't like what NCSoft wanted from them and furiously kicked the deal to the curb along with the players. There may also have been a purchase attempt by Google who a high level executive of had expressed interest in our plight and asked the player community to send a pitch to him. after the pitch all went Quiet (NDA) and the Google Exec completely dropped the topic and was fired. Fired! Sacked! and wasn't allowed to say why! (NDA) or tell us the outcome (NDA).

This is the evil and ugly side of videogame publishers and the Non-Disclosure Agreement.

If you agree that an episode needs to be made concerning this topic vote YES in the poll.

Thank you.

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