Andrew and Tristan Tate episode

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Andrew and Tristan Tate episode

Postby Jmidson » Wed Mar 22, 2023 11:31 pm

PLEASE there needs to be an Andrew and Tristan rate episode. The “matrix” and all the misogyny and the values they stand foris a perfect subject to make an episode about If you don’t wanna bring attention to the Tate brothers, at least do it in the same style as the recent episode based on Kanye. I think you should make an episode where the tate brothers influence the main characters of South Park then depict a funny version of the matrix coming after them or something. Idk it would be a perfect example of something funny but also controversial that you guys shouldn’t care about having to filter from the world as South Park is one of the only outlets left in society where you can make fun of stuff and not care whether it’s offensive or not

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