What do you think was the worst episode?

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Postby Shiek927 » Tue Oct 24, 2006 8:47 pm

The worst episode is Kenny Dies(NOOOO!!!!!) in the sense that it makes me feel so despressed just thinking about it.

The worst MADE episoe is Sexual Harassment Panda, It's simply not funny at all and can't hold at all too the other episodes. The only thing funny was the conversation between Skeeter and Stan("we don't take kindly too folks who don't take kindley around here!")
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Postby Modified_Lasagna_Process » Wed Oct 25, 2006 2:14 am

"Pip" is hands down the worst South Park episode of all time.
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Postby OzzyMcCormick » Wed Oct 25, 2006 7:32 am

I don't really like the Pip episode either.
It's just one of those episode that obviously goes off the main idea of the show.
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Postby Czul_kitty » Wed Oct 25, 2006 8:57 pm

A million little fibres. ugh. I only watched about halfway through, and it was so incredibly boring, I had to turn it off.
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Postby Shiek927 » Wed Oct 25, 2006 9:55 pm

Yeah, both Fibers and Pip deviate too much from the show. It's nice a nice change of pace and really the only time when a single character gets all the attention, they just could have handled both episodes better.

Probably has too do alot with the fact I've never read Great Expectations.
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Postby rekall » Wed Oct 25, 2006 10:01 pm

i kind of really enjoyed the Blade-meets-frankenstein twist halfway thru 'pip'. up to that point it was keeping to the story pretty well, then in true a la mode du southpark things went haywire. :D
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Postby ILoveKenny98 » Thu Oct 26, 2006 10:51 pm

I didn't like Korn's Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery or Pip at all! Sucked ass. :?

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Postby Bunneh » Thu Oct 26, 2006 11:02 pm

Tiggalow69 wrote:
theortonera21 wrote:
dude cartman rocks!! wrote:Pip, that episode sucked ass! :shock:


That episode was f*cked

I loved that episode.
Anyway, the worst episode ever would be 'A Million Little Fibers'... I love Towelie and all, but that episode just wasn't that funny.
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Postby Ferrari_Cake_ » Fri Oct 27, 2006 3:36 am

I'd like to say that none of em sucked, but after 150, they cant all be perfect. I didnt care for Bloody Mary. The idea of the Bloody Mary bleeding out of her ass is funny, then the line "Chicks bleed out of their vaginas all the time" was funny, but I wouldnt wanna watch 20 mins of it just for that line.

I dont remember seeing the Pip episode, and by the sounds of it, I guess Im glad I havent yet.

Quest for Rating was pretty unfunny too.
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the first one

Postby MannequinOFolly » Fri Nov 03, 2006 2:16 am

due to the fact that south park gets better with every season, i'd say that the very first episode was the worst.
(what can i say, matt and trey get better and better!)

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Postby southparkfan1986 » Fri Nov 03, 2006 5:13 am

There was only one episode I truly despise.
Mecha-Streisand sucked donkey balls.
I can't sit through that episode it's just irritating.
Pip wasn't a good episode, but it at least was bearable, earning a smirk every now and then. Mecha-Streisand was just awful!
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Postby Rebecca_Cutswald » Fri Nov 03, 2006 5:42 am

the last episode... Go God Go PartII
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Postby misscutiepie1330 » Fri Nov 03, 2006 10:31 pm

Cartman Gets An Anal Probe: I used to like it, but after 3 times of seeing it, I'm tired of it. So I don't necessarily not like it, just really sick of seeing it all the time.

Mecha-Striesand: Bearable, but extremely boring.

A Million Little Fibers: The 1st ever episode I've fallen asleep in the middle of. It started out good, but I was tired of Oprah's genitals rambling on and on.

Pip: Barely bearable, I was ripping my hair out for the end. As much as I like Pip, it was just a bore.

Weight Gain 4000: I've never been fond of this episode. It's pretty dull, but some parts are amusing. That's about it, though.
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Postby Kennyrox666 » Sat Nov 04, 2006 12:43 am

Probably the jackoffasaur one. I don't really know why, that episode just really bothers me for some reason.
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Postby TehLilly » Sat Nov 04, 2006 3:01 am

I really don't like "Butters' Very Own Episode"... Even though I love Butters, it just really wasn't funny. It was just kinda depressing. And "Mecha-Streisand" because it was just boring.

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