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SP is not anti-christian....

Postby cady888 » Thu Oct 12, 2006 9:19 pm

I am a Christian Republican and one of SP's biggest fans. Every episode ends with a positive message---people who hate SP haven't seen it.
I used to badmouth the show all the time--but then I sat down and watched it..
Its seemless blend of fart humor--English style---and political and cultural satire--is GENIUS!!!
ignorance and stick in the assinitis are the main culprits in SP hate..
However, beyone the irreverance, SP questions society and challenges it...
Kudos for your blog--however wordy it was--openmindedness is the most sorely missing characteristic in our world today and i think people shouldnt take themselves so damned seriously!
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Postby angeldeb82 » Thu Oct 12, 2006 10:19 pm

A violation of any of the first seven commandments was considered a capital crime. If people worshipped another god, kill them (Dt 17:1-5). If people make a graven image, kill them, like Moses did to the calf worshippers. If someone blasphemes God, kill them (Lev 24:16). If someone breaks the sabbath, kill them (Ex 31:15). If someone curses their parents, kill them (Ex 21:17). If a couple is committing adultery, kill them both (Lev 20:10). The sixth is somewhat understandable, although it's strange that it's even a commandment at all considering all the punishments that require death, as well as the God-sanctioned murders throughout the bible. How can thou not murder when thou is commanded to murder at the same time?

Either lose the ten commandments or include the punishments. You can't have it both ways. Regardless, Jesus had his own set of 7 commandments, they were secular rather than religious, and he never called for the death penalty. See Mk 10:19.

What Bible did you have, the KJV? It's making you AND the media make mistakes about the ten commandments! According to the footnote in the New American Bible:

[Exodus 20: 1-17]: The precise division of these precepts into [the Ten Commandments] is somewhat uncertain. Traditionally among Catholics, verses 1-6 are considered as only one commandment, and verse 17 as two. [See Deuteronomy 5: 6-21]

Oh, and do the Jews interpret the Ten Commandments in some way? :?:
Still the same as it ever was.

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