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Postby boloboffin » Thu Oct 12, 2006 1:18 pm

SEEKTHETRUTH wrote:the plans to invade iraq began on 9/11... literally.

Osama was funded by the CIA when they were fighting the russians..

Actually, Bush and his advisors were planning on invading Iraq from the beginning of their administration. And yes, Al-Qaeda is another example of foreign policy nightmares that turned around and bit America on the *ss.

But, dude. Al-Qaeda operatives hijacked four planes and tried to crash them all into American buildings. Three groups of hijackers succeeded. The fourth was downed by the hijackers when the passengers threatened to take back over the plane. Then the towers collapsed because of the damage and the fire, and 7 collapsed due to the fire and damage caused by debris from the North Tower hitting it.

These things are facts. This is reality, Craig. If you think something else happened besides those facts, you are off base. You are grazing in a field full of cowsh*t that somebody told you was daffodils. Somebody laid a dookie in your urinal.
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Postby braddock8 » Thu Oct 12, 2006 1:20 pm

Two more good articles on the subject (especially for those with relatively short attention spans):


http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/st ... nspiracies

They aren't scientific rebuttals, really. There's plenty of them already listed above. Those articles focus more on just showing how downright ludicrous these theories are.
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Postby braddock8 » Thu Oct 12, 2006 1:27 pm

Or read up on Phillip Jayhan, who was a key contributor to Loose Change, and also happens to believe that the world is run by a satanic cult. This cult gives world leaders children to molest and then blackmails them in order to control them.

I'm not making this up, he is.
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Postby boloboffin » Thu Oct 12, 2006 1:42 pm

OnagiPowa wrote:ALL True, most of those sites are biased and/or disinfo except for alex jones, he was labeled as a ULTRA-conservative during the Clinton Admin for his exposures on the Clinton drug running in Mena Arkansas with Barry Seal and the whole Iran contra thing, but when bush came to office and he started exposing him, mainstream labeled him as a “radical liberal”. He’s considered to be the father of the “9/11 truth” movement because of his July 2001 shows where he talked about how there was going to be a staged terror attack on our soil within the next few months, and there was. He’s the ONLY person I deem credible

Deeming Alex Jones the ONLY person credible on the 9/11 attacks is the new scientific definition of "retard".
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Postby SouthParkMaster66 » Thu Oct 12, 2006 1:54 pm

Is it like instinct for people to make a ton of complaint-threads after a political episode? I don't care that you have a problem with the episode but post your thoughts in the 1009 press release thread, alot of people hate all of these extra threads.
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Postby MarkyX » Thu Oct 12, 2006 1:55 pm

SEEKTHETRUTH wrote:the plans to invade iraq began on 9/11... literally.

Osama was funded by the CIA when they were fighting the russians..

That's a lie. Many countries like Egypt and Saudi Arabia funded Al-Qaeda. The amount of influence the US had on the arabs was very minimal.

Why would they need funding from the states? There wasn't a shortage of pissed off Arabs against Russians in Afghan, and of course they are willing to help each other out when it came to the Russians stepping on their turf.

Besides, Osama Bin Laden would've mentioned this in order to strike more chaos in the United States and create more civil unrest. :roll:
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Postby MarkyX » Thu Oct 12, 2006 2:20 pm

If you are a patriot that speaks truth, why on earth do you keep bellowing out lies?

Let's go a bit, line by line.

The alleged hijackers were trained at government flight schools where they failed even basic Cessna training, yet they somehow are able to fly jumbo jets into buildings?

Actually they passed quite well and was recorded 250 hours. They used simulators that have re-creation of the cockpit as well as the good old Microsoft Flight Sims. The only reason why Hani couldn't rent a plane was because...he couldn't land it.

That was it. Nothing unusual, according to Marcel Bernard, who even said "There's no doubt in my mind that once (Flight 77) got going, he could have pointed that plane at a building and hit it." on Greenbelt (Maryland) Gazette newspaper.

These alleged hijackers also received lap dances and drank liquor which is strange because if they were such committed Muslims, both actions are extremely sinful and would prevent their entry to paradise.

This information came from Amanda Keller, who recently admitted a few weeks that she was bullsh*tting.

http://www.heraldtribune.com/apps/pbcs. ... 7/BUSINESS

Why do we only have a grainy picture of who is alleged to be Mohammad Atta departing Portland ME?

Some patriot. There has been plenty of photographs of Mohammed Atta inside the Mosques in Humburg and his flight school photographs. They even interviewed witnesses who spoke with Atta.

He is said to have planned this for years yet he risks blowing the mission if there is a flight delay.


Furthermore, at least 7 of the alleged hijackers have been proven to be still alive by the BBC.

September 19, 2001. In 2002, the Saudi Arabia embassy stated that 15 out of the 19 hijackers were indeed Saudis.

FBI Director Mueller back peddled on the hijacker indentifications saying that we might never know who was in control of the planes.

Yes, at September 2001. In November 2001...

"We at this point definitely know the 19 hijackers who were responsible," he said.

http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2001/11/ ... 6806.shtml

They were somehow able to exceed the G limits programed in the airplanes' software. How did the so-called hijackers do that?!

There is no such software that does that on those planes.

Those crazy hijackers sure did pick their dates well as the entire military command in America was doing massive drills involving NORAD simulating the EXACT things that happened on 9-11.

Incorrect. None of the exercises were simular to what happened on 9/11. There is also no proof of "fake radar blips".

You can read more about what happened on NORAD here: http://screwloosechange.xbehome.com/fst/NORAD.pdf

Why did General Myers lock himself in a room for the duration of the planes striking the World Trade Center? Why was he promoted to Chairman of the Joint Chiefs?


The fact is that the WTC was reduced to dust and a neat pile of wreckage falling pefectly on its footprint.

No it didn't. You see from the photographs that the debris was all over the place. If it fell on it's own footprint, it wouldn't damage other buildings! :lol:

Also, this is the "dust" this "patriot" is talking about.


Man, look at all that dust and "neat pile of wreckage"

he government then immediately transported the steel, steel which was perfectly sliced somehow during the collapse, away to be melted in India and Korea.

Incorrect. The iron workers used Thermate Lances to cut the debris so they can organize it for the investigation. Not only this, but the last piece of debris left NY 8 months after 9/11.

he photos from the collapses clearly show squips were charges were going off as the building fell.

Compressed air. Real squibs appear BEFORE the collapse and do not flow with the building speed. However, the "squibs" you claim are the exact opposite.

What of WTC7?!! That building was not hit by anything but collapsed in a perfect, classical controlled demolition implossion. It was the headquarters for things like the FBI, CIA, and other government agencies.

Chief Nigro gave the order to create a collapse zone after his men went inside the building three times, according to NIST. Not only that, but there was no bangs, flashes, or explosions prior to the collapse of WTC7. What you are suggesting is phyiscally impossible.

You also forgot the penthouse.

It was a plan during the 1960s for the CIA to remotely control airplanes and crash them saying that Cuba did it as a pretext to invade. It also contained plans for sniper attacks, attacks on Marines by special forces dressed as Cubans. IT is called a False Flag attack.

incorrect. Northwoods did not kill anyone and everything was supposed to be fake stories. Yes, put a drone craft, crash it into an empty building, "ZOMG terrorist attack". No one was to die and anyone who says otherwise hasn't actually read it.

It was denied, therefore the government won't even fake deaths, yet this is supposed to be evidence that they would do it for real...


If you know your WWII history, you would remember that Hitler did not just invade Poland. He claimed that the Poles attacked a German radio station. Furthermore, he sent stormtroopers to attack the Reichtag and blame it on his enembies in order to secure the passage of the enabling act that gave him so much power.

Um no, the Reichtag fire is still under debate about if Hitler pulled it off or that arsonist (can't recall his name). However, there is no doubt that they did exploit the opportunity for further political goals.

Again, citing sh*t with no proof.

Regarding Flight 93, there was a 10 mile debris field and there are former military officers that have gone public with the exact means as to how it was shot down.

It wasn't 10 or 8 miles. The "debris" found a piece of paper. And of course, you don't give any names.

You just need to look at the Flight Data Recorder and notice nothing was abnormal prior to the crash. No cabin pressure problems, engine vibrations...nothing.

Before 9-11, PNAC, a neoconservative group whose members have controlled government since 2001, said that there had to be a 'helpful Pearl Harbor event' in order to motivate the people in supporting a prolonged and undefined war.

Incorrect. The transformation was talking about information and they never said "helpful pearl harbor" was "needed"

You never read it, at all. Name 10 things in the PNAC that has succeed so far since 9/11. Anyone who actually read the PNAC document will tell you that what is happening right now goes against PNAC.

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Postby CoolCoates » Thu Oct 12, 2006 2:53 pm

this topic really does support the fact stated in the episode: 1/4 of all Americans are retarded
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Postby Trifikas » Thu Oct 12, 2006 3:07 pm

The reason OBL doesn't have 9/11 on his FBI wanted poster is the same reason that Al Capone had to be tried on Tax Evasion charges. He's buffered by enough people and Paper trails at the moment, that the direct line isn't provable in a court of law. (I'm guessing that tapes of him admiting his involvement are questionable as to if they're admissible in court) People in AQ were responsible, and he's the head of AQ, but so far noone is squealing on him...

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Postby zhang85 » Thu Oct 12, 2006 3:19 pm

US influence was enormous, seeing as how we trained 100,000 mujahideen alongside Britain to fight against the Soviets. We taught them demolition, sabotage, and a general fighting tactics with the goal of creating Islamic Republics with fighters knowledgeable and well-equipped enough to ward off the Soviets. Religion was used because it's the most effective means of getting someone to fight for a cause. In Afghanistan, the US, through USAID gave millions of textbooks to Afghanistan schools teaching kids how to count using such things as land mines, tanks, guns, missile...etc, and brainwashed them into becoming what Bush himself has called extremists. This, again was to help with the fight against the Soviets, but the books were in use from 1984 until 2001...any guess what impact that had on Afghanistan?

We've been working alongside al-Qaede all over the Balkans in the 1990's, including in Bosnia, Azerbaijan, Kosovo, Macedonia until 1997, and other terrorist groups like the KLA which we conveniently called "freedom fighters" after we decided to work with them, as opposed to "terrorists" which they were before. Getting back to the Soviet-Afghan war though, most of what the US did was done through Pakistan's Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) which was used as an intermediary for funding, thus keeping US hands clean. The US denies that Afgan Arabs (later al-Qaeda) were trained, but admits Afghan fighters were. I find this hard to believe however since 100,000 fighters were trained in 6-8 years, the US was happy to get any help it could, and a screening process is non-sensical.

As for the issue of who did 9/11....I believe in a conspiracy, yet I believe that al-Qaeda flew those planes into the towers. I believe that fight 77 hit the Pentagon, that the towers were hit by two planes (no missiles attached), and that there were no "drone" planes used. There is however sufficient evidence to support the theory that the US needed the attacks for its very survival. They were a blessing to this country in the eyes of our leaders that allowed us to achieve goals that would otherwise have taken a very long time to achieve (if they could be achieved at all). There were clear motives such as building the vital trans-afghan pipeline, getting access to cheap Iraqi oil that rests on the surface, and building up our defense budget to meet the goals of the PNAC and Defense Planning Guidance to make the US the dominant military force in the coming century among other things. The pipeline is now funded by Asia Development bank, and Iraq hasn't done much, but hindsight is 20/20 and the US isn't perfect. Our goals were in plain view but we messed up in achieving them. But anyway, we had the warnings by various world leaders, their intelligence agencies, experts, officials, run-of-mill people, and others who gave us specific information about the impending attacks as I mentioned before. There's strong evidence indicating that something other than fire and the impact brought the towers down using a kinetic energy and thermodynamic analysis I've performed myself (which doesn't necessarily "prove" anything, but makes the official story an unlikely scenario). It's very possible that we "hijacked the hijackers" as they fell into our trap and used them to attack our own country and make enough of a psychological impact that we'd be able to wage multiple wars and inclease our defense budget to double its original size.

It's not like allowing and aiding 9/11 is an evil act beyone the capability of the US either. We carried out terrorist attacks in 16 European countries during the Cold War to "prevent communism", intervened militarily in 60 countries since WWII toppling democratically elected leaders, fighting for buisiness interests, and supporting brutal dictators....we planned to blow up a civilian airliner drone and blame it on Cuba in "Operation Northwoods" and hold mock funerals for the victims, and I personally believe that we allowed Pearl Harbor based on the McCollum memo and mounting evidence in favor of that conclusion. This shows that the US acts outside of its morals and only for its own interests, that it has no problem carrying out terrorist attacks itself, that it came extremely close (Kennedy stopped it) of attacking its own people, and allowed an attack in the past to wage war on Japan. I'll stop here for now since I need to go out for a bit, and the post is getting a little long.
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Postby jujigatami » Thu Oct 12, 2006 3:20 pm

Lets not forget Maddox who probably most succinctly debunks all of the 9/11 denier BS:

http://www.thebestpageintheuniverse.net ... 911_morons

He very correctly says that watching "Loose Change" and by extension any of the other 9/11 conspiracy theory web movies or blogs, is like being "Bukakked with Stupid".

I was really hoping for Butters to use that line in the ep.

Cartman: Butters, you know the Joos were behing 9/11.

Butters: well Eric, I feel like you are bukkakeing me with stupid, and I don't like it very much.
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Postby jujigatami » Thu Oct 12, 2006 3:41 pm

I was wondering if he's got those calcuations written in his own blood on the walls in his basement.

Actually, I believe its in Semen.
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Think for yourself!

Postby bonnie1342 » Thu Oct 12, 2006 3:42 pm

This episode is funny, and hits close to home my younger Brother has been spewing this Government Masterminded 9-11 on myself for awhile and he cannot come up with any facts, so I say shut up allready and disregaurd it as being his own stupid sheepish mentality.
Why not just say that all religions in the world kill, because if you look at history this shows us that more people have been killed in the name of whomevers religion and more hsitory has been destroyed in the same name as well!
John Lennon sang it best Imagine, and if we could save just one human would'nt it be worth it? (yar)
I would like to bring back lawn darts and let the stupid be weeded out, but think about who religion kills all humans in wars and in acts of retalliation against their gods, what ever, this is so stupid!
I am a Repubican and I love this show, I do not believe in all that my party holds close to their thinking but I tell you what, I am armed, ready and will take out anyone that breaks into my home and will defend our country anytime, for my myself, and my children! (Make my day law here in Colorado)
If the war comes back to the states, we will come together again (Hippies (maybee 1st to die), Republicans and Democrates), and ready to kick some butt, but if more people just think about what history tells us we will not be ready to repeat it!
If we could think about how we kill for our gods and keep on doing these stupid acts we will never survive as the human race!
So do we need aliens to come and attack us all, for all to come together, wake up learn from History!
I blame the public schools for not teaching this, but waht can you expect from Democratic controlled teaching system!
Learn about history and do not be a sheep, think for yourself!Matt and Trey are wonderful creative people and I thank them for making me laugh at myself and the things that irritate me!
Come on people lets evolve!
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Postby boloboffin » Thu Oct 12, 2006 4:18 pm

jujigatami wrote:
I was wondering if he's got those calcuations written in his own blood on the walls in his basement.

Actually, I believe its in Semen.

Dude. Clue-goo.
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Postby boloboffin » Thu Oct 12, 2006 4:21 pm

jujigatami wrote:Lets see,

5 people now posting on this thread, and 2 are retarded.

The ratio is a little off, but its most likely a sampling error. Damn, Matt and Trey are good.

Of the remaining 75%, I'd say it's likely that at least half of those don't give a rat's ass what the 25% think.
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