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Postby cartman'sbitch » Thu Oct 19, 2006 6:34 am

I know that is what is so interesting to me. You can take two peopl who can go out together, have fun and never talk about poitics and get along and then you throw the politics in the mix and it's going to be a brawl. I love people who are democrats, some who are my family but we talk about it we fight about it...every time. Never a joint venture.
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Postby Hall Monitor » Thu Oct 19, 2006 9:37 am

Jesus tittyf--ing christ, if you like somebody NEVER EVER talk about politics. Especially if you do actually have common sense - one of the most unforgivable traits in a person is when they let their idea of politics be governed by their emotions. Usually knee-jerk reaction emotions, because rationalisation is a very difficult concept for many people. It seems retarded, and you go off that person very quickly
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Postby SEEKTHETRUTH » Thu Oct 19, 2006 11:03 am

your likely to be a republican if you...

1)hate gays

2)hate blacks

3)hate the poor

4)hate liberties


6)think Iraq is still a good idea and thought that iraq's democracy was more important then the genocide in darfur

7)Believe that bush didnt see 9/11 coming (per PDB)

8)are pro corporation and pro facism

9)wouldnt mind living in a dictatorship as long as the dictator helped your buisness

10)are afraid of arabs..

your most likely to be a democrat if you...

1)you dont care if gays marry

2)want to see the middle class make a come back

3)hate the rich

4)hate guns

5)think we went to IRAQ for oil

6)drive a hybrid

7)are afraid of rednecks

8)love the ACLU

9)think that censorship of entertainment is ok

10) are athiest

i dont like either but id rather much be a democrat then a republican anyday.. for the simple fact that the republicans are pro-facist and do not act as a check on presidential power when they're guy is in office.. sad really..
George Washington]
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Postby Nonlinear314 » Thu Oct 19, 2006 2:59 pm

I consider myself libertarian. Ron Paul is God.

i dont like either but id rather much be a democrat then a republican anyday.. for the simple fact that the republicans are pro-facist and do not act as a check on presidential power when they're guy is in office.. sad really..

lol. Like your communitarian heros are worried about checks and balances. They are too busy undermining the nation state to think about stuff like that.
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Postby ugogo_uswimswim » Thu Oct 19, 2006 3:08 pm

George Washington said that political parties were not a good idea. People can get pretty nasty when politics come into play. All I have to say is don't be so biased that you become an extremist (spellinig is probably wrong :oops:) Each side has somethinig good to offer so keep your ears open always.
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Postby KennyStanWendyFan » Fri Oct 20, 2006 1:57 am

George Washington was the only president in US history to not have a political party. His two terms are considered part of the Federalist era as his views most closely resembled those of the Federalist party and his vice president was John Adams, a federalist. Adams served one term as president after Washington, thus adding up to 12 years of the Federalist era. The next few presidents (Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, and John Quincy Adams) were all Democratic-Republicans, each serving two terms with the exception of Adams who only served one, thus a 28-year Democratic-Republican era. After that, there was just simply a Democratic party, with Andrew Jackson as its first president (with two terms) followed by Martin Van Buren (with one term). The first Whig president was William Henry Harrison, who died one month into office and was succeeded by his vice president, John Tyler, who served for the remainder of the term and then left. James Polk, a Democrat, served a term, then Zachary Taylor entered office and died roughly a year into his term. Millard Fillmore, our last Whig president, served the remainder of the term. Next we had a Democratic era of 8 years: 4 under Franklin Pierce and 4 under James Buchanan. Next begins a really long Republican era with our first Republican president, Abraham Lincoln. He served one full term and was assassinated shortly into his second term, the remainder of which was served by Andrew Johnson, originally a Democrat. Ulysses S. Grant served two terms, then Rutherford Hayes served one term. James Garfield was in office for six months before being assassinated (he had actually been shot two months before his death) and Chester Arthur served the rest of his term. Grover Cleveland was the sole Democratic president during this era. He served one term, then Benjamin Harrison served a term after him, then Cleveland served another term, becoming the only president to serve two non-consecutive terms. Next we had William McKinley, who served one full term and was assassinated months into his second one, the remainder of which was served by Theodore Roosevelt, who later went on to serve a full term of his own. He was followed by the one-term William Howard Taft. We then got a break from the Republican party with Woodrow Wilson, a Democrat who served two terms. Then it was back to the Republicans with Warren Harding, who died a couple years into his only term and was succeeded by Calvin Coolidge, who then went on to serve a full term of his own, and Herbert Hoover, who served one full term. Next begins another Democratic era with 12 years of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He died shortly into his fourth term and was the only president to be elected more than twice. Harry Truman served the remainder of his term and another term all his own; it was during his administration that the 22nd amendment was passed prohibiting a president from serving for more than 10 full years. Dwight D. Eisenhower, a Republican, served for 8 years, then John F. Kennedy, a Democrat, served for 2 yeas and 10 months before being assassinated. He was succeeded by Lyndon Johnson, who then went on to win a term of his own. Republican Richard Nixon won two terms but resigned less than two years into his second term and was succeeded by Gerald Ford, the only president who was neither elected to the presidency nor the vice presidency (he was appointed to the vice presidency by Nixon after incumbent Spiro Agnew's resignation). Democrat Jimmy Carter served a term afterwards, then Republican Ronald Reagan served two terms, Republican George Bush served one term, Democrat Bill Clinton served two terms, and Republican George W. Bush served one full term and is still serving his second term. The end.

I have no idea why I just typed all that up. You're probably wondering why I even bothered memorizing the presidents, their political parties, and their terms in office. Boredom. Hours and hours of pure boredom each day.
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Postby cady888 » Tue Oct 24, 2006 8:09 pm

I am so surprised by all the responses for my post.
So many of you had great, interesting, insightful things to say.
This blog is proof to me that no matter what their political affiliation, SP fans are intelligent, well-versed and most importantly open-minded--
actually most importantly they have a sense of humor---something sorely missing in the US's political sphere-and apparently the UK's...
I think Trey and MAtt's biggest targets are people who take themselves to seriously and a lot of you hit on that...
Thanks so much for all your input
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Postby Modified_Lasagna_Process » Wed Oct 25, 2006 2:26 am

Interesting thread here. I myself am a liberal Democrat, however I still find the underlying political jokes in SP as hilarious! They seem to go after stereotypes of both the right and left sides of the political spectrum and I definitely find humor in that. :)

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