Why was season 10 so damn dull?

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Postby KennyStanWendyFan » Sun Mar 25, 2007 7:36 am

Exactly. Just because we can't do what someone else is doing doesn't mean we can't criticize them for doing a poor job of what they're doing. (I'm not saying Matt and Trey are doing a poor job, just that they're not exempt from criticism just because they're doing better than anyone here could probably ever do.)
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Postby WCK » Sun Mar 25, 2007 11:00 am

What the hell are you talking about dull???

Starting off with the return of Chef, I loved this episode. I loved how they displayed the super adventure club, it was so halarious. I also love it how they explained the theory of the super adventure club with the caption at the bottom "This is what super adventure club members actually believe," it's like the scientology episode, which was so totally kickass.

Second episode, Smug Alert. Loved it, I love how they portrayed the god damn smug hybrid car drivers. They took the truth of how they are all so smug and annoy everyone, and they put that great innapropriate spin to it which we all love. It's great when they come up with these hilarious views.

3rd and 4th episode, Cartoon Wars. How can you NOT love these episodes? They displayed such a true view about Family Guy, and made it so freaking hilarious! That episode really made me think about how Family Guy really is just random joke after random joke, all crammed together, as if even an animal could write the show! It is deffinetly two of my favorite South Park episodes of all time. But this episode also dealed with how we as a society with free speech, should be allowed to say anything we want, and even discriminate against anyone we want, everyone of every race is discriminated against, we need to learn to ignore the ignorance, and don't get so damn offended by it. Just because someone is threatening you with violence, doesn't mean you should change your views or limit your free speech.

A Million Little Fibres. This one was quiet lame and it was more innapropriate than it was funny. There were some good parts, but the overall of the episode was just a little too much. It kind of suprises me. They are doing an episode about oprah... I mean, there is so much material to work with on an episode about Oprah. I just dont' think wether or not she masterbates was a good viewpoint to take when there were so much better thing about Oprah they could have made fun of.

Manbearpig. Loved it! I love how they made Al Gore look like a pussy with no friends so he makes up stories to get attention from anyone he can. The only people who didn't like this episode are the retards who take offence to it because they hold Al Gore up as a God or something because they believe so blindly into his theories of global warming.

Tsst. I deffinetly liked this episode. The ending wasn't as good as I hoped, but everything leading up to the ending was awesome. I love how they had to bring in a dog trainer to teach Cartman to be respectful, even though you can never outwit Cartman, as he is the master of deception and manipulation xD

Make Love, Not Warcraft. An awesome view on the widly growing phenomenon known as Warcraft. How geeks play the game 24/7, thinking they are really making a difference in the world by going up the rankings of all the other geeks. It shows us how we need to lay off the harsh video game playing, and stop acting like it's the most important thing in the world.

Mystery of The Urinal Deuce. How can you not love this episode? I was waiting for South Park to finally make an episode displaying their views on 9/11 and the consipiricy theories. I couldn't wait to see this episode and it did not displease me one bit. Esspecially the Hardly Boys with their "raging clues" xD

Miss Teacher Bangs Boy. This episode was totally killer. It shows the views of how Teachers fall in love with their students, with such a hilarious innapropriate spin on it. Plus with Cartman becoming hall monitor and turning into "Dog The Hallway Monitor". The ideas and views in this episode were halarious and had that ring of truth to it that makes it all the more better.

Hell On Earth. Just completely hilarious how they made Satan seem like a stuck up bitchy 16 yr old girl who has to have everything exactly as she wants it. It wasn't one of the greatest episodes, but it a lot of really good laughs.

Go God Go (2 parter). This was another view on how people like Cartman treat video games like they are the most important thing in the world. But it also showed us craziness of a all scientific society. I myself am Athiest, but even I was able to laugh at the stuff they put on. I don't get offended just because they made some jokes at something I believe in. You have to take it for what it is, a joke, and don't let it get in your head. Just laugh.

Stanley's Cup. Possibly one of the most boring episodes in South Park time. This episode had a few funny parts, I liked how that guy kept putting on the record player and making those crazy commerical-like remarks. Overall this episode was a pretty big snoozer though.
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Postby shawyer » Sun Mar 25, 2007 11:39 am

Are you joking!?!

Season 10 is up there with the best, imo. There was a couple of odd episodes, granted, like A Million Little Fibres and Stanley's Cup, but still I found season 10 to be brilliant.

Make Love, Not Warcraft - Possibly one of the funniest episodes of South Park ever. I thought it was absolutely hilarious. Randy Marsh is in a league of his own, him and Cartman are the best characters on South Park right now.

That's your opinion, obviously. But in my opinion, Season 10 ruled.
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Postby Kennyfun_ilovehim! » Sun Mar 25, 2007 12:35 pm

I haven't watched episode 10 yet. But I agree with all of you that South Park is not as cool because cool characters had disappeared, as Mr. Slave (for me he is one of the funniest SP characters).

Pip doesn't have any importance anymore, sorry for Wendy's fans but she doesn't have any importance, she's just a boys' colleage as the others children of their classroom.

I really really get furious is one thing: Why does Kenny is disappearing from the episodes? :x He's a main character and he must to have as much as line as Kyle, Stan and Cartman have and his own episode every season!

I'm afraid, guys. Parker and Stone are giving more to Butters, a character who doesn't have any importance, but he's getting importance since 6th season. Sorry Butters fans but that's the truth, how can a secondary character be more important than a main character. I'm afraid that they replace Kenny for him again, I think that's a fear that Kenny's fans might have. :?

And people... no fighting! In topics we have to repects the others' opinions! And don't criticize the grammar of the others! English is my second language (my "mother language" is portuguese) I'm still in a English Course studying grammar rules, but I'm writing here! Maybe my spelling is not so good, but it's not you to criticize, if the grammar is wrong, you should say the error helping. :?

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Postby strumpfhose » Sun Mar 25, 2007 3:22 pm

I think season 10 was one of the best. It had its high and lows, though.

My ratings on the eps.

1. Return of Chef: 6
2. Smug Alert: 9
3. Cartoon Wars I: 10
4. Cartoon Wars II: 10
5. A Million Little Fibers: 5
6. ManBearPig: 7
7. Tsst: 6
8. Make Love Not Warcraft: 9
9. Mystery of the Urinal Douche: 9
10. Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy: 8
11. Hell on Earth: 7
12. Go, God, Go! Part II: 10
13. Go, God, Go! Part XII: 9
14. Stanleys Cup: 8
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Postby candies » Sat Apr 07, 2007 6:02 pm

Season ten wasn't that dull, Sure some episode were really boring but it's really smart and brillirant in my case. Cartoons wars and Make love, not Warcraft were hystical funnest episode I'd ever watch in a long time. Season ten does have worst episode including Stanley's cup and ManBearPig because It's didn't have the jokes or best storylines. So yea, Season ten has been dull in some recent episodes

Season 11 rocks da house!!
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