What exactly is South Park and how to you perceive it?

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What exactly is South Park and how to you perceive it?

Postby verdow » Sun Apr 06, 2008 1:48 pm

I'm schizophrenic, in college, am on a ton of medication, and cannot concentrate in silence or with music on so instead I have a constant stream of TV shows playing on a dedicated computer in my room to keep my own thoughts at bay and allow me to do my school work. I know working with TV on is counterproductive to normal people, but it is a hell of a lot healthier than the other means I have used to get through school and as a result I have indirectly watched every last episode of South Park, House, Arrested Development, Life, The Office, Reno 911, and Robot Chicken anywhere from three to twelve times.
Of all the media I have watched South Park is the only TV show that actually addresses current events and teaches moral lessons through it's sick and twisted humor. It has become a part of my life and has actually helped shape who I am today. I could be completely wrong, but in my opinion South Park can be a strangely wholesome show and if watched more by the right crowds can help create well rounded teens.
The reoccurring "I learned something today.." mixed with South Parks crude humor and unprecedented creativity (I mean who else comes up with ideas like the 911 conspiracy conspiracy?) is a recipe for imagination, the ability to rationally talk about tabooed subjects, and true character, something straight up wholesomeness just can't provide.
I am going to be writing a classical argument on this soon and wanted to know your opinions on this as avid South Park watchers and hopefully would like to hear something from the admins or producers too.
Do you think I'm insane? (not the schizo part, that's kind of been well established, but my thesis) Why do you watch South Park? What intrigues you about it and what do you take from it?
I also plan on taking a few episodes to some rational members of churches from different denominations (I like to learn as much as possible about other's beliefs "...no one answer is always the right answer..." Go God Go XII) around town to see their responses and opinions about the show and its impact on our youth.
Sorry for probably boring you to death, and I do appreciate it if you have read this far, but I would like to hear all of your opinions and if anyone is interested and the paper turns out alright I'll be sure to post it on my website. Who knows, you could become sort of but mostly not famous-ish in my class of 15 people and on a halfway constructed site not even recognized by Google and hosted on the extra space in my online mail box. (I can however send you a few theoretical online dollars :wink: )
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Re: What exactly is South Park and how to you perceive it?

Postby marco74 » Sun Apr 06, 2008 9:02 pm

I have been through mental disorders, not schizo but lighter. I can understand that SP is a massive work out of the border of the current immagination, which has been bombed as you should now, by some al qaida terrorists. Everything in SP is allucinatory and recalling this disease so... I agree mostly
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Re: What exactly is South Park and how to you perceive it?

Postby Nerys » Sun Apr 06, 2008 11:18 pm

That’s definitely a clever topic… I’l try to answer the question, if my English allows…
First of all, I’m pleased to see that there are other south park fans who watch the show not only for its humour and for a good laugh every now and then, but also appreciate its satire, its moral contents, the great innovation it has represented in television history…
I’m not saying that my approach to the show is better than anyone else’s, ‘cause, like everything else, South Park is a phneomenon you can relate to on different levels, it depends of what you’re looking for…
When i first started watching it, I just thought it was hilarious. My love for South Park was immediate, but my understanding of it required a longer period of time. But, since I was already pretty grown up when I started watching it, what immediately appealed to me was its satirical and social content, its human dimension, rather than other aspects such as the stories or character development (that came later, of course).
What’s kind of creepy, today, is that, anytime I give my opinion about a current event or a social issue, then I always have someone telling me “you know, that’s exactly what Trey Parker and Matt Stone would say”…
I have to admit that sometimes I’m that kind of fan: the one who thinks anything Matt and Trey do is pure gold and, no matter how hard I try, it’s difficult for me to stay neutral and do some constructive criticism. Yet, I think is kind of normal (and kind of cool, too), the fact the show has had such a deep impact on me. I don’t see anything wrong with it.
I quote South Park lines almost everyday, talking to people, and most of the times I don’t even realize I’m doing it… But the fact that I often agree with the message they deliver doesn’t mean that I’m not able to shape my own opinions… South Park’s just become part of my personality and my culture, my way of thinking…

South Park is undoubtedly, incredibly wholesome…
South Park is a place where nothing is sacred and people never learn from their mistakes…Yet, it’s a pretty optimistic show. It teaches that there’s a way out, and that it’s actually easy to find, if you dont’ get misleaded by fanatisms and avoid taking things too seriously…
South Park is what always reminds me that Freedom of Speech must be treasured above all, no matter what, and that censorship and repression are just as dangerous as terrorism.
South Park is what has made me understand that sometimes relativism is a necessary evil, because, like is said in that beautiful line from “Go, God Go” quoted by Verdow, “No one single answer is ever THE answer”: reality is way more complex than what we think and sometimes we should just have the humility to admit that we don’t have the right answer and just keep looking for it, listening to each other’s opinion.
Like Matt Stone once said in an interview, I don’t remember where, South Park is one of the few exemples of counterculture which is not exclusively liberal.
South Park is the most intelligent answer I could find to stupidity, vulgarity (yes, vulgarity), and hypocrisy in our society.
This is what South Park means for me.

Sorry if it was deadly boring and good luck with your project verdow! :)
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Re: What exactly is South Park and how to you perceive it?

Postby superiorsavior » Mon Apr 07, 2008 12:44 am

I'm not really sure what your question is, but a few other people are writing thesis's on the same issue, so you could band together and rreserch this with one another, possibly. I used to hear voices in mah head/have dellusions (well, thinking a russian general was trying to posess me 'could' have been a delusion :)), but greatfully i'm not diagnosed with anything asside from Autism, and don't have to take any meds.

It has become a part of my life and has actually helped shape who I am today.

I spend almost all my free time on this site, so of course, it's effected who I am. I learnt most of the things I know, got most of my libertanian beliefs off this show. I'm not exactly like M and T, I think they're a basis, a foundation to reserch from, to get you thinking. I don't agree with them on all issues, but they really did help me along the way.

outh Park can be a strangely wholesome show and if watched more by the right crowds can help create well rounded teens

If I ever have kids, i'm making them watch South Park. If i had a religion, it'd be south park: it's no more violent or sexually explicit than the bible! I have a lot of beliefs that are based on reserch I did after this show interested me. It shows a lot of interesting philosophical and political angles. I don't agree with all of their messages, but they make me THINK.

The reoccurring "I learned something today.." mixed with South Parks crude humor and unprecedented creativity

The messages arn't confined to the visible speach messages... they permiate the whole show...

the ability to rationally talk about tabooed subjects

That's something I really like about M and T... they have no taboos.

Do you think I'm insane?

I think we're all a bit insane... but you're no less sane than the rest of us. THis is perhaps the sanest thing I've heard in a while.

Why do you watch South Park?

Sorry to sound like a poncy, stuck up my own ass, overly academic bastard but... I am English :)

Well, Charactarisation plays an important role. There's a kid in south park who's like you, no matter who you are. I'm Tweek :)

I must say it's mainly for the humour, what intrigues me is that they can make jokes about religion and philosophy. Religious Pluralism was ripped to shreads throughout the seriese, such as in any episode multiple god's apear together and especially Immaginationland. Anti Realist philosophy was raised up in Immaginationland and Go God Go. Many of the classical arguments for and against god have been dealt with. All in a comedic and strangly unbiased manner. It's the fact that they get deep without trying to get deep, while trying to just be funny.

They can make a joke about Britney spears but actually mean something about the socio-economic situation of America today. That's what I call deep. All the symbolism, jokes with many layers, i love that.

May I recomend the episode with Blainatology (for Mirraicles, religius pluralism and anti-realist philosophy), Probably (fundamentalism, the problem of hell and evil), jewbilly (for condensing Exodus and Genesis into a 2 minute car ride, and taking a stance against ethnic religion), Death, Timmy 2000, Trapped in the Closset and The Death Camp of Tollerence.
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Re: What exactly is South Park and how to you perceive it?

Postby Butterslover21 » Mon Apr 07, 2008 12:51 am

yaaay!!! superior is back! anyway, to me, south park is insane,hilarious, and a bunch of other stuff but i can't think of it right no.
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Re: What exactly is South Park and how to you perceive it?

Postby PeterCoffin » Wed Apr 09, 2008 2:13 am

It's the only show that has ever given All That on Nickelodeon a run for it's money!

Am I right or WHAT!?
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Re: What exactly is South Park and how to you perceive it?

Postby chodestone » Tue Apr 15, 2008 3:57 pm

South Park sums up my sense of humour almost perfectly. I've tried, but I can't put it better than that.
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Re: What exactly is South Park and how to you perceive it?

Postby MCkormick2 » Thu Apr 24, 2008 6:08 pm

Oh, my god, it's like my dream came true! A thread where I can be as snubbish and obnoxious as I want!

South Park, for me, is a show that defied all odds. Trey Parker and Matt Stone were two nobodies, worse than you and me. They made the first short all by themselves, with no drawing talent, no prospects of putting it on TV, and with an unfinished film school from which Trey got kicked off (or at least that's the legend I heard, I can't back that up). Meanwhile, The Simpsons were hiring Harvard graduates to write their show.

South Park succeded thanks, mostly, to its writing, its originality and the never before seen freedom with which subjects were tackled. While sitcoms have dozens of writers juggling around numbers, saying stuff like "Paradigm" and "Ages 18 to 39", South Park was created by two men who had a love for what they did, an idea in their heads and little else. If you asked John Q. Public what South Park was, he'd probably say "it's that cardboard cutout show, right?"

South Park dealt with Godzilla jokes and pig/elephant sex, but it was still more true than most shows on TV - from crappy "fat husband" sitcoms to pretensious HBO dramas where everyone is gay or paranoid. It was truer because it had less filters of censorship, executive opinions, artistic interpretations, destructive creative differences, political agenda and obsessive preoccupation with ratings. It was like watching a self-published comic book on TV.

And it evolved to what it is today. I'm not going to say it changed for the worse, or that MnT sold out. People are smarter than we think. They saw South Park, and they liked it. Now, there are several SP ripoffs lying around. Some of them are really good, most of them are so terrible we can't even remember. But, it's obvious that, if there was no South Park, if there were no two guys gluing bits of paper together frame by frame, most of these shows wouldn't exist - or, one of them would be as influential as South Park is today.

I say that because I first met South Park as a poorly translated show, in the middle of the night, in a crappy cable channel, with no advertisements, and I loved it. The show changed, and I liked it better the way it used to be, but that doesn't mean it's as bad as the things I mentioned earlier.

So, to conclude, I percieve South Park as the animated answer to comic books like Bone, Cerebus and Johnny the Homicidal Maniac - something unlike any of he mass produced garbage we see lying around - of course, I don't see every TV show as garbage just because of its production methodology, but South Park, not unlike my penis, leaves a special flavor in everyone's mouth.

By the way, you should stop doing drugs, they'll turn you into an addict and curb your imagination. I know, 'cause I've studied it! *Jumps on couch*
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