I have a brilliant idea for a future southpark episode!!

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I have a brilliant idea for a future southpark episode!!

Postby wacooo » Fri Apr 25, 2008 4:07 am

Hey guys, i have an idea for one of the future south park episodes, 'Miss lil South Park Colorado'.

Here is the plot:
The gang (Kyle, Stan, kenny, Carmen and Butter) is over at Stan's house watching Terrance and Phillip, during the commercial A Lil' miss South park Colorado beauty pageant appears on the TV, entry fees cost 15 bucks and the winner will receive 500 dollars. Kyle made a remark that no girl is dump enough to waste their money on this stupid beauty pageant show. While Carmen looks like a deer caught in the headlight and somewhat interested.

At school, all of the girls were talking about of entering the Lil' miss south park Colorado beauty pageant and encourages each other to enter. Stan's girl friend Wendy is the only girl in the whole girl doesn't show any interest in it, she is secretly suffering a body image disorder and hides it from every from knowing.
At recess Carmen cornered butter near the locker bay and asked him to enter the Lil miss Colorado beauty pageant, and if he wins they split the prize ($500) in half. Butter rejects carmen's idea and said that only girl is allow to enter the competition, Carmen persuade Butter to disguise himself as Marjorine once again to enter the Lil miss South park Colorado beauty pageant.
So he began to train Butter to sing and walk like a beauty pageant, getting him ready and prepare for the competition.

Wendy's mental health (Body image disorder) is slowly deteriorating and her sadness is showing. Stan picks up on wendy's distress and cornered her at the school's playground and try to comfort her, Wendy confessed to him in an frustrated outburst that she feels ugly and isn't pretty enough like the other girls to enter the beauty competition.
Trying to cheer Wendy up, Stan borrowed 15 dollars from Kyle and enter Wendy in the Lil miss SOuth park Colorado beauty pageant, to prove to her that she is just as pretty as the other girls.

At the Lil miss Colorado beauty pageant show, the competition was fierce. All of the girls look like a million bucks and Butter(Marjorine) is looking cheap and tacky (he is wearing carmen's custom made gown and clothing). Carmen knew that in order for Butter(Marjorine) to have a chance on beating t the other girls to the crown, he has got to use some dirty tactics to help butter.
So, he spray all of the girl's gown with pepper spray and sprinkle chilly powder onto their makeup kits.

Butter(Marjorine) ends up winning the Lil miss Colorado beauty pageant by being the only girl with her eyes wide open, not scratching herself and singing without coughing on the show, The rest of the girls squints their eyes, coughing and scratching them self like a monkey during the judging (From pepper spray and chilly powder makeup ).

Stan can't bear to watch his girl friend Wendy losing the competition, he exposed Carmen and butter as a fraud. Carmen was frustrated and angry of Stand and Kyle for ruining his plan...
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Re: I have a brilliant idea for a future southpark episode!!

Postby Mr_Mackey » Fri Apr 25, 2008 4:09 am

I really like it I can tell that took you a long time to come up with all of that I really think thats an amazing idea :). Really a great idea!
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Re: I have a brilliant idea for a future southpark episode!!

Postby Butterslover21 » Fri Apr 25, 2008 10:54 am

i like it too! nice reference to the pepper-spray- pageant scandal.
honk if you're f*cking steve carell (cause i really wish i was!)

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Re: I have a brilliant idea for a future southpark episode!!

Postby silverobot » Mon Apr 28, 2008 8:13 am

LOL i would say make butters confess hes a guy but nobody believes him so he tries to flash them but he gets shot in the throat and head camera turns to the balcony and cartman is sitting there eating popcorn
says to be continued and the following episode can be about assasination ,

Butters comes back but he got cloned so he has little or no memory. so he goes around investigating himself.

the members of the commition report are the kids parents, they joined thinking the kids want cartman back. Maybe 1 or 2 historical figure or celebrity can join,a magic burrito joke that stans dad explains

stan, kyle, and kenny pretty much stick with the commition report group but the group wants to expose everything while stan,kyle,and kenny try to be oblivious and hide facts to keep cartman jailed
while cartman is being transfered
kenny jumps for a dollar but gets shot and takes cartmans bullet

while in jail ppl call cartman a fish but he quickly reestablish himself when there trading stories of what they did, when cartman tells them about the parent chili, maybe add a prison break joke or OZ

in the end butters drops the charges
but since butter was a clone
his pageant win was forfeit to wendy
last scene is with kyle,stan,and wendy
at the bus stop cartman shows up says hi
stan ask did you really shoot butters , cartman says no simultaneously wendy says yes....then credits
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Re: I have a brilliant idea for a future southpark episode!!

Postby Pathy » Sun May 04, 2008 8:49 pm

I like it. I think it would be a great episode

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