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Episode Ideas

Postby HyperInuyasha » Mon Dec 29, 2008 10:03 am

Well, I had some episode ideas and I want to show it to the community.

Death Sucks.... and So Does Jews
Plot Summary: Kenny is angry at his friends for not caring about his constant deaths. As a result, he straps a gernade on himself and grabs his friends before dying. Stan, Kyle, and Kenny ends up in heaven and Cartman ends up in hell. In heaven, they meet lots of people and enjoy their time there, until they meet up with hippies. Stan immediatly asks how Kenny usually comes back to life. Then they suddenly dissapear. Meanwhile in hell, Cartman meets up with Adolf Hitler who talks about how much they hate jews. Then Cartman begins to dissapear and he manages to grab Hitler on the wrist, bringing him with him. The trio makes it back to Earth and Kyle apoligizes for not taking Kenny's deaths serriously. That's when Cartman and Adolf Hitler appears and they convince Germany to join them to kill Kyle once in for all! Kyle, who's obviously scared of going back to the hippies, hides inside a tree in the backyard of Stan's house. Then Cartman threatens to blow up the entire state unless they give Kyle. Stan and Kenny goes through interrogation and Cartman gets so angry, he kills Kenny. Then he places Stan under mind control to help kill Kyle. They both find Kyle in Stan's backyard and they blow up the tree, killing Kyle. However, it's revealed to be a dream that was induced by expired peanut butter Cartman gave him. However, the only thing that was true was Cartman killing Kenny, as he claims that he didn't have the guts to join the Germans.


Stan: Oh my god! Kenny's going to kill us all!
Cartman: That bastard!

Stan: Hey Kenny. This place isn't so bad. But how come you hate dying so much?
Kenny: (muffled) AHH!!! It's them!
Hippies: Dude. Why don't you help bring peace on Earth?
Kyle: Holy crap! Hippies!
Stan: Now I see your point.

Cartman: Now that your my soldier, I command you to destroy Kyle.
Stan: (hypnotized tone) Yes sir.
Cartman: But first, sing Yankey Doodle!
Stan: Yankey doodle went to town, riding on a pony...

Cartman Takes Over the World.... of Warcraft
Continuing from Make Love, Not Warcraft, Kyle stores the Sword of a Thousand Truths into his inventory. Cartman beleives he can take over the World of Warcraft with it. He convinces Butters that he'll be his right hand man if he hacks into Kyle's account and give the sword to him online. This plan succeeds and he manages to take over Stormwind with Butters. Kyle, Stan, and Kenny log in to find the new regime. The Blizzard admins are trapped into a dungeon, all jewish characters becomes Cartman's slaves (much to Kyle's displeasure), and Cartman has become king of the Alliance. He then captures Kyle and make him into a servant even lower than Butters. Stan and Kenny attempts to free him, when they get captured too. Then Cartman plans to take over the Horde. The group manages to escape, as Cartman left the door open and they free the Blizzard admins. Soon, they all faceagainst Cartman. Kenny dies at the hands of his army and Kyle is then strapped onto a bomb ship heading toward the horde. Stan leaves the admins to fight Cartman and Stan rescues Kyle. Soon, they redirect the boat to the shore where Cartman is fighting the Blizzard Admins and they blow up Cartman, killing him and stealing back the Sword of a Thousand Truths. As a result, the jewish players are freed, Cartman is banned forever, and the Sword of a Thousand Truths is hidden away where no one will find it.... a Hello Kitty themed island. Unfortunatly, Butters makes a visit to the island and finds the sword. He then plans to take revenge on society online.... To be continued....


Cartman: Okay Butters. If you do this to me, you will become my right hand man when I take over the World.... of Warcraft.
Butters: Aren't I already your right hand man?
Cartman:..........Shut the hell up Butters.

Stan: Oh. My. Crap. What the hell happened here!?
Cartman: Hello! Suckas! Especially you Kyle.
Kyle: Holy crap! Cartman took over the World of Warcraft!
Kenny: You bastard!

Cartman: Now say, "I love you!"
Kyle: What!? I already cleaned up the place, I was sent into a pit of dragons, and now you want me to say I love you!?
Cartman: Ha ha! You said it you gay bitch!
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Re: Episode Ideas

Postby aidsburger14 » Mon Dec 29, 2008 6:52 pm

THose are good ideas, i wish i could see them.
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Re: Episode Ideas

Postby Just_Jackie » Tue Dec 30, 2008 12:02 am


First of all, they tend to only touch on a subject once. They've already done a WoW episode. Let's try to be original.

And umm

"Death Sucks.... and So Does Jews"

...that isn't even grammatical.

...and didn't Kenny already get upset over no one caring about his deaths in Cherokee Hair Tampons?
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Re: Episode Ideas

Postby HyperInuyasha » Tue Dec 30, 2008 3:54 am

1. Think of it like this. The Warcraft episodes could be part of a movie altogether, like Imaginationland.

2. This time, Kenny wanted to shw how he feels about dying.

Proffeser Chaos Goes World of Warcraft
Continuing from the past episode, Butters heads to the nearest area, which is horde territory. He promises the invasion of the alliance if they join them. All the people he convinced hides out at the Hello Kitty Island. The Blizzard team notices the mass disappearences of the horde characters. However, they couldn't find them, as they didn't bother to chart up the Hello Kitty Island. The next day, Kyle, Stan, and Kenny logs into World of Warcraft. During a quest, they receive a message from Butters. The letter tells them everything Butters is doing, and the fact that he's the only ones he trust. Meanwhile, Cartman is trying to inflitrate Blizzard in order to get his account back, when he gets stuck in an airvent. The others warn the kids at school about the danger. At first, they don't beleive them, until they tell them about Hello Kitty Island. At Stormwind, a huge group gathers. This group consisted of Stan, Kenny, Kyle, the kids at school, Blizzard admins, and other people. The horde then invades the city. The invasion begins. The kids fights through the horde characters. Meanwhile, Cartman notices everyone is too involved in a war to notice him. He manages to struggle out of the vents and goes to a computer. Back in the game, traitor Blizzard admins arrives to help the horde with the attack. They send a dangerous virus to Kenny, causing his computer to explode, killing him. Stan and Kyle leaves the others to fend off the admins and they soon meet up with Butters ( now dressed up as Proffeser Chaos) and General Dissoray. Due to their current high stats, they manage to survive through many attacks from the Sword of a Thousand Truths. The two manages to kill General Dissoray, however, they were now at low HP and just one more swing of the sword would kill them. That's when Cartman arrives with healing items. The three gangs up against Proffeser Chaos and they kill him. The horde invasion fails, admins are now being placed around Stormwind, Proffeser Chaos's plan fails, Cartman is officialy reinstated, and the Sword of a Thousand Truths is destroyed, along with everything relating to it.

To add qoutes later....

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