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Re: New episode idea....

Postby Stankuri » Fri Feb 13, 2009 6:10 am

falkeri wrote:Omg watch this video: ... re=related

Scroll to minute 8, and tell me that lady freaking out doesn't remind you of cartman. The part at 9:15 made me burst out laughing when she yells 'GET OUT' and sticks her fingers out omg looks just like cartman. I think they need to make an episode about this show.

*edit* case anyone is really confused it's a tv show where they trade mothers/wives for a week. This lady thought the hippie family she stayed with was the devil and flipped her sh*t.

That lady is f*cking crazy. Me and my friends had a good laugh.

We all thought it would be really funny if the writers did something with Trading Spouses. Like where Kyle gets Liane Cartman and Cartman gets Sheila Broflovski. That could be potential win material.

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