Old celebrities make better targets than newer ones

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Old celebrities make better targets than newer ones

Postby ploughman » Sat Apr 11, 2009 4:33 am

I think in general the old, established celebrities make better targets than newer ones.

Why? well, the older ones have had more time to become totally full of themselves, believe their own hype and live in a bubble than the newer ones have.

The ultimate badge of honor is if they're so far gone that they want to sue M&T after an episode.

I thought the Sally Struthers and Rob Reiner portrayals in past episodes were great. Liza Minelli and Barbra Steisand probably deserve more attention than they've had.

The great thing about the older ones is that you can take aim at someone like Jimmy Buffett and the younger audience will at least empathize, where is you take aim at Kanye West or the Jonas Brothers, some of the viewership won't even know who they are. In West's case, it's also debatable whether he deserved that much attention.

As with David Letterman back when he was funny, the best targets are the real showbiz A-holes. He went after Shirley MacLaine, Cher, Nastassja Kinski and Joan Collins in the 80s, for example.

I'm surprised THE EAGLES haven't gotten some attention. Too many reunion tours, very high ticket costs, the guys don't really like each other, and Don Henley thinks his mission in life is to have lawyers chase down more royalties in poor third-world countries when he has more money than he'll ever spend. Perfect concert to send Randy Marsh to. Maybe on a double bill with The Who, another band with too many trips to the well and featuring Pete Townsend, the bitter old man of rock n' roll, and Roger Daltrey trying to sing the screaming vocals.

Imagine the possibilities if SP had been around in the 70s and could have done a show about Elvis (nice guy, but became parody of self) or, probably the ultimate, Frank Sinatra.
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