Spookyfish & its plot

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Spookyfish & its plot

Postby ih8scott_tenorman » Thu Aug 20, 2009 11:36 am

I know this is a very, very distant possibility, but does anyone think "Good Cartman" was the Cartman who was sent back in Spookyfish? I noticed that as the "Evil Cartman" was shot, he said "Screw you guys" which is what "Good Cartman" would say. That would mean that if the Good Cartman was sent to the Evil Parallel Universe, then the Evil, Good-Mannered Cartman would have had to become like the Good Cartman, which wouldn't make much sense. Though it would make sense that he would say "Screw you guys" even though he is good mannered since they sent him back to the world he didn't want to go to. This would piss too many people off since it would mean the real Cartman would have disappeared in the 2nd season, and that would not be received well.

Either way, I would love it if there would be an episode where the 4 boys go to the Evil Parallel Universe and see how things are there. I can't believe this was never done yet (to my knowledge). It would be cool seeing rich Kenny & skinny, white Chef. It would also be cool seeing Cartman's, Stan's, Kyle's, and Kenny's families & how different they'd be & Evil Mr. Garrison. Oh, and Evil Butters would be awesome. I could imagine Evil Tweek being stoned & laid back. Evil Liane Cartman would probably be a nun. I really wonder how Evil Terrence & Philip would be like.

Matt & Trey, if you guys are reading this, please make it happen.
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Re: Spookyfish & its plot

Postby Azuredragon » Thu Aug 20, 2009 2:42 pm

ih8scott_tenorman wrote:I noticed that as the "Evil Cartman" was shot, he said "Screw you guys" which is what "Good Cartman" would say.

You have to remember though that the evil Cartman is still CARTMAN, so his catchphrases would be known to his evil opposite. It really was the evil Cartman who was shot.

I'd love to see something more about the evil parallel reality but I think that it doesn't fit well with plots of episodes from newest seasons.
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