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that episode

Postby kissmyblackarse » Sat Nov 07, 2009 9:33 pm

that episode was worse than the queefs one where it goes all gay at the end & the women cry.

I mean, by definition, anyone who like to stick it in the poo is a fag dude, come on. Even wanting to stick it in women's poo is homosexual.

& what's your problem with bikers? Real tough target guys. Real hardcore.

WTF was a major change for the show too. So now hicks have tongues lolling out side of mouth like dumbass pedo guy? Dumb f*ckin hicks huh? Dumb hicks who think it's "gud that the 8 year old fought fer his cuntry".

What happened? What HAPPENED?

There have been a few OK shows, but no good shows in 3 years. And I think you know that. "More crap" being a title in that period.

So you finally got a few other voice actors too for the black people in the OK butters episode, just to avoid being called racist. Should have got more people years ago. Making the show in 6 days doesn't make it edgy, it makes it lazy. You run out of f*cking material, then you do whatever joke comes into your head. You know all the good material has gone, there's no character development left to do, so why keep trying to do it in 6 days? It's a different phase of the show's development.

I wish it got back to good jokes which set SP apart from everything else, not the same-old no-thought jokes of "dumb hicks" & every church says "god hates fags" when it's one crazy church linked to Al Gore does that.

So go ahead, flame away like fags. Enjoy.
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Re: that episode

Postby kissmyblackarse » Sat Nov 07, 2009 9:35 pm

banning the word FILM ACTORS GUILD???

WHAT HAPPENED????????????????????????????
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Re: that episode

Postby kissmyblackarse » Sat Nov 07, 2009 9:43 pm

The whole point about Cartman was he was a dumb kid. He wasn't actively anti-semitic, he was just a dumb kid who ripped on anyone he could to push himself up.

And so what did you do? You ran out of f*cking ideas one day & decided "I know, let's make Cartman try to exterminate the jews", so you totally changed the character, just because you ran out of ideas one week.

It's become f*cking random.

f*cking awesome show you had there once.

Why don't you realize you have to think about the jokes more now that character development phase has so totally finished.

Having seen the previous body of work, I'm pretty sure you don't actually hate the people you are currently sh*tting on, but you're happy to score some easy points off them like some f4.ggy network show, rather than actually spend time thinking about the writing.
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Re: that episode

Postby H_P » Sun Nov 08, 2009 12:17 am

First of all, don't post twice in a row. It's called an "edit button"

Second of all, I don't think someone who "sticks it in a woman's poo" is homosexual. (I know, you were trying to say fagg0t, but it got censored).

Their problem with bikers is that they ride their bikes around really loud just to get attention, ruining everyone's day.

You've also given no reason for why the jokes are bad, you just say "the jokes are bad because I say so"

Also, they've ALWAYS made the episodes in 6 days except for the pilot.

How do you now what they point of Cartman was? The creators can do what they want with the character.

And what's wrong with making fun of Bikers? You just say that it's not cool, while giving no reason to say it is.

I respect other people's opinions, but you seriously are not giving an answer at all.

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