The worst south park episode?

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Re: The worst south park episode?

Postby iloveyouguys » Sat Jul 17, 2010 10:23 am

A Million Little Fibers was god-awful, and I like Towelie. Fat Butt and Pancake Head and Jackovasaurus were irritating. Britney's New Look and The Return of Chef were just not funny. Stanley's Cup and D-Yikes were boring and not usual South Park. The Ring and Sexual Healing were also just kind of bad for some reason; I think it was the drawn out, obvious jokes.
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Re: The worst south park episode?

Postby Bratti » Sat Jul 17, 2010 11:20 am

I hate all the Satan/Saddam/Chris episodes. And I can't stand the episodes with Cartmans J-Lo hand. 201 is the worst episode in my opinion.
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Re: The worst south park episode?

Postby kfgg » Sat Jul 17, 2010 12:31 pm

A Million Little Fibers was horrible. Awful. There's one episode I HATE. Mystery Of The Urinal Duece. I hate that f*cking episode with a f*cking passion, I f*cking HATE that episode with every bone in my body, but honestly A Million Little Fibers was worse when it involves being just plain boring.

Coming from me, saying A Million Little Fibers is worse then "ten oh f*cking nine", it has to be bad.
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Re: The worst south park episode?

Postby mo303564 » Sat Jul 17, 2010 2:54 pm

5. Terrence & Phillip (Season 2)
4. Pinewood Derby
3. Brittany's New Look
2. Million Dollar Fibers
1. Butt Out

That's my list....
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Re: The worst south park episode?

Postby elasticguts » Sat Jul 17, 2010 8:11 pm

tbh i'm surprised so many people dislike a million little fibers. maybe i'm just a softy for towelie. /shrug

anyway, for me, by and far, it is:


......i don't think i laughed or even was inwardly amused once. ONCE. it was just an annoying episode.
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Re: The worst south park episode?

Postby MeBo87 » Sat Jul 17, 2010 8:29 pm

there is no?...
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Re: The worst south park episode?

Postby iloveyouguys » Sun Jul 18, 2010 2:47 am

Jackovasaurus was annoying, as I said before, but it also had a lot of funny parts, unlike some of the bad episodes in later seasons.
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Re: The worst south park episode?

Postby Kensuke » Sun Jul 18, 2010 3:20 am

More Crap
The Imaginationland Trilogy
Britney's New Look
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Re: The worst south park episode?

Postby MusicFreak666 » Sun Jul 18, 2010 3:36 am

I personally hate the Satan and the Christmas episodes.
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Re: The worst south park episode?

Postby Ziro » Wed Jul 21, 2010 9:55 am

Anyone been having site issues recently (again)? dun see any complaints building just yet but havent been able to watch a episode through all week and am purrty furious.. so thought this would be the right place to vent.

its interesting to see how we all react differently to every episode.. in our unconscious collective we have all these experiences in our own lives that create preferences and opinions, often conflicting with others.

my previous post where i was ranting bout the question of "has Southpark forgotten their roots?" i stated a few episodes i cant bare to watch and its usually when it involves some mindless singing and simply put, bad music. they say music is the universal language but realistically its just an extension of our personal beliefs and indifference.. this same game of sexual codes and pleasure buttons prevail throughout our techno infatuated lives.

we often forget SP is all bout provoking your petty views and to get through that barrier of oppression denied to just downright offend people. sure they try to make it 'moral' or 'acceptable' through the eyes of 8yos on the whole, with the intellectual speech of what you learned today.. but in that process they make sure they break every rule along the way.. which is their recipe for that chaotic source of humor we fans all sadistically desire.

since the person who started this thread didnt like Sexual Healing, lets start there. first of all i thought this ep in general was a riot.. the contrast of video game and the game of sport was very clever, but its the first ep i really thought.. this is it, Southpark has officially sold-out. SP has always prided itself on 'under-lying' themes and the sort but it just seemed to me they took a hot topic that was creating massive news sensation across the globe.. and made a cartoon out of it. just felt you can leave it up to the media to grill and char the scum steak but as stated somewhere in the episodes, this is much like beating on a dead horse. just like Butters in this episode, we have to question the humans obsession towards sex and why most people call it love. we have to put ourselves in that same room with all the other offenders and ask, why do we do this? people overdose on sexual substances in mid-orgy all the time.. figure if ur gona go why not ride the nonstop orgasm train out. but yes, there is some unknown power in money that does all of this to us.. give that to a monkey and you'll know what its capable of. then comes the topic of personal pleasure.. and Kenny obviously did a hang-ten performance here in his rat-man outfit.. personally thought it was hilarious they buried him in it too.. these are the little quirks that make it funny. honestly i didnt really know bout this socalled auto-erotic assffkksensation until DCarridain went but i look back now and recall some iconic rock-stars that died in a peculiar way of hangin themselfs.. such as the lead singer from INXS and was also this most famous guitarist of glam-metal band called X-Japan.. back then they would just say they were sick of it all and just wanted to end their addiction.. but at the same time u know they had access to bout 20 women a week so.. it all makes sense now but we have to ask on the whole, where duz this all get us? once u have perfected every kamantra with every kind of woman and have fulfilled their every need, what kind of person duz that make you? are you then officially a sex god? you make so many people want and squirm for you like a carcass full of maggots you just cant get enough of yourself.. this is where it becomes a mental disease, if not the mind of the STD itself.. fame & glory are merely suspects. i for one have never liked TWoods and have hated Golf all my life because my bastard of a father worshiped the sport as if it were some miracle cure for the environment. some entrepreneur made millions inventing the first biodegradable golfball out of layers of orange skin, because teeing off regular golfballs on luxury cruisers became banned.. not to mention the poor alligator that crapped an egg out. the comes all the drama.. do you sympathize for him? poor man who was taught to swing the golf club before anything.. he plays the same role of the kid who had his adolescence stolen from him as MJackson. most geniuses die young, because they often werent taught to live in moderation, as the sayin goes the candle that burns twice as bright and on both ends.. its quite safe to assume Mozart was also a perfect example of all this 'sexual healing'. then comes his mother whos gona defend her lil angel with all her might and point figures and blame anyone other than herself.. being of Thai origin we also question, what would this world be with no sex-industry? what if you couldnt goto Cambodia anymore with MLaurer to see if the 5yos would prefer penis over a pencil. one mans nuclear waste is anothers popurri.. one mans skanky bitch is anothers dream-cum-drool. there is no end to the vicious cycle of anima.

MStone commented somewhere on the pre-release of Sexual Healing to say hes very concerned bout Woods and hoped his woody would find a nice pecker soon. wont be long until they make a killing out of Lilo huh. Mstone also did this short interview on one of Micheal Moores films.. think it was Bowling for Columbine, where you see the more realistic serious side of Matt being concerned with the youth because they are under constant pressure of 'being a nobody' for the rest of their lives.

so the other controversial ep seems to be with Towlie. as the kids say, he is a horrible character, indeed, but why? because hes a stoner? always takin the easy way out and gettin high? if so you must have really enjoyed the 'handicamp summer' (my most unfavorite ep thus far) to see how it really is for s drug addict.. the downward spiral. i think the most offending part of Towlie was the little beach slut skit in the middle somewhere where pimp daddy comes to rub his felines down with 100% cottonpickin goodness. i mean ffs, just keep the porn starlets out of this, right. but on the whole there were funny parts.. like the Okama Gamesphere and that passive attitude that started to become a trend.. where they just dont give a sh*t, dont want to be part of the adventure, just give us what we want, and shutup, leave us alone, kind of skit. i think every stoner bursts out when towlie plays funkytown on the code pad.. but it brings light to the stoner, and no matter how we try to prove that smoking marijewana makes us somewhat enlightened and aware, it has equal retarding effects and disassociating side-effects, much like alcohol in the manner that makes you 'forget about your problems'. honestly idk how one cannot like the ep where Oprah and her 'minge' goes out on the binge with Gary>< that look of utter panic on her face when her pussycat pulls out a sex-pistol is outrageous.. esp when the swat team shoots her pms.. tho The Snuke did it better.

anyways sorry for the long rant.. ty if u made it through. everyones a bludy critic.. just all armchair quarterbacks calling the moves. its just one big mess-age. :parishilton:

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Re: The worst south park episode?

Postby Mentalreap3r » Wed Jul 21, 2010 9:45 pm

The one with the jackovasaurus i just found it annoying
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Re: The worst south park episode?

Postby Ziro » Thu Jul 22, 2010 2:40 am

purrty sure the whole point of the Jack-off ep was to get in ur face and annoy you. its supposed to be slap-stick or wtf eve.. get it? kinda reminds me of this movie Jim Carrey did Man on the Moon bout SNLs most unfunniest comdians rise & fall. when theres obvious Star Wars references u know we are delving deep into an off limit zone of TParkers demented mii saa in deepa doodoo psyche so make sure u keep ur slime suit on. if u want to even go further with it.. jackoffs are yellow.. and asians are usually racistly referred to as bananas so watch what you do with that 'skin' nextime.. they are apparently capable of having more than 1 child.

this just in.... wonder what his most unfavorite part of life is?

Feds Arrest Man Behind 'South Park' Threats
The online poster who reportedly threatened the animated comedy's creators is now under arrest for allegedly supporting a foreign terrorist group.

Federal authorities in Virginia have arrested the man who allegedly wrote online posts threatening the creators of South Park after the show ran an episode that included the Prophet Muhammad. The Justice Department announced the arrest of 20-year-old Zachary Chesser Wednesday, saying authorities had stopped him at a New York airport on July 10 before he made a planned trip to Somalia to allegedly try to join an Islamic militant group. ... reats.html

just like Kenny, this guys a major Cheesser

tho seriously, we have to remember, like in the Somalia episode, that most vigilantes are teenagers filled with rage.. sometimes we never manage to grow up.. angry dayz

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