Why renew? Matt and Trey are obviously not interested nEmore

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Re: Why renew? Matt and Trey are obviously not interested nE

Postby bmoreravens12 » Sat Nov 20, 2010 7:05 pm

neobludragon wrote:Ok, So I looked in the character log about bradley, theres no way the bradley from season 11 is the same bradley as season 14. Completely different voices, different hair. I mean yes he could've cut his hair, but the voice. I do not think that mint berry crunch is bradley.

Bradley has been here since season 3. He was shown in the classroom a few times and in the the crowd and is on the list in the list. He was also with cartman during its a jersey thing when they were going to trap kyle.
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Re: Why renew? Matt and Trey are obviously not interested nE

Postby The Silver Banana » Tue Nov 30, 2010 12:17 pm

Yes, I'm one of those younger fans who has only started watching within the past couple years and thinks they keep getting better and better. But even if they were at their worst now, they're still better than everyone else, who have just gone completely static. The exception being Futurama, who tried to be topical and ended up failing miserably.

The fact is, only South Park can be topical, because it's the only adult cartoon that can be made in less than a week. It's the only cartoon that can parody whatever and whoever they want, because everyone else has a reputation to uphold. They're the only ones who can depict the most absurd possible things as true, because other shows either try to look realistic to attack things or have a theme to keep up. There's nothing that can replace South Park, so no matter how the show adjusts itself, there'd still be a void there if you just walked away from it.

I think that the reason so many people disagree is because the child characters are so mature to them now that they've taken it for granted that it's kids doing all this insane stuff. They may seem like adults to you at this point, but you're not going to find Stewie on Family Guy do anything close to this. So while that bit of TV magic has been used up for a lot of you, the rest of us can still see that inexplicable wackiness in their antics. So really, it's just you guys who are sick of the show, not necessarily Matt and Trey. Too bad you're not going to find something more spontaneous.
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