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Re: Why I think South Park is ending after S.15

Postby sonofshmool » Thu Jun 09, 2011 7:43 am

alright so heres what i think...

i see where the people who r sayin its typical for them to make a cliffhanger or to make up a serious storyline then recover it are coming from...but i think we can agree this last one was exceptionally different...

first of all...it involved serious character changes with seriously main characters...no i dont have access to sp writers but i would seriously put a million dollars that they wouldnt do anything with stan or randy...theyre vital to the show. imagine south park with any other set up...kenny ok....butters ok...theyre great but not essential. stanand kyle are the voice of the show...and changing them/getting rid of them, i think, would be way too out of south parks league for them to try and pull it off, and if they did, do any of you honestly think they COULD pull it off? i doubt it...

second...everytime they made a serious cliffhanging dramatic ending...it was always serious and dramatic to be satirical...the fans were in on the joke and knew where the humor was coming from (one of the reasons so many of us love south park to begin with)
the one where kenny actually dies is poking fun at the fact that he has died hundreds of times before...its almost like the characters never noticed until now! that was hilarious!
this however...was different...no one understands where the humor in stan's parents getting a divorce comes from...or that stan has grown up and has become cynical..(the show did a good job of makin it funny [i thought, if you didnt, no biggie]) but thats irrelevant to there BEING a joke...make sense?

that some of their over the top stuff may have been crazy and dramatic...but most people would pick up on the intentional drama to be funny..as in theyre cheesy to make fun of cheesy movies and cheesy stories where everyone is so dramatic...(aka when kenny dies and cartman and the scientist say thanks scientist, good luck kid, numerous times)..

and part of me thinks that the reason this time is different is because there isnt supposed to be a joke...theyre not making fun of anything...theyre being pretty sincere with how they feel about the show (of course with funny bits like the old trouser theifs---and thats because theyre funny dudes)...from what ive seen + what ive read on these boards its pretty clear season 15 is a wrap... they dont have a contract for more...tying up loose ends...this last episode was pretty serious...

also...someone mentioned the stevie nicks thing...im not saying it IS significant..but considering that song is about growing up, and the episode is about growing up...do u think theres a possibility the ending was serious/not funny/ and had a emotional song that wasnt funny because they are trying to say that they really are growing past making fun of everything?
these guys have their own sh*t to deal with..and they can be rippin on music and celebrities all the time...theyve grown past that stage...and what better more serious way to demonstrate that then by using a really sad song that talks about letting go and growing up...and NOT making fun of it

hope that all makes sense...they were just some things i wanted to say because ive been reading these forums nonnnnnstoppp since the last episode aired...crazy....

and we might be wrong...i mean it still was a south park episode in the end and this might just be another episode..but i think the vibe of the show gettin older and a little drawn out was there...a lot of people feel it...and i will not be surprised in the least if theyre ending it.

and i say go for broke...that episode moved me and moved a lot of others...theyre great writers and they never fail to produce a great show when theyre being genuine...which is what i think will happen with the final 7 episodes...itll be good no doubt.

R.I.P South Park
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Re: Why I think South Park is ending after S.15

Postby StendhalSyndrome » Thu Jun 09, 2011 7:47 am

I dont think it will be ending anytime this year. Several years ago (2008 I think) they announced they'd like to end the show by creating another movie. I believe they will end it this way. So far no speculation of that even happening.
As far as the recent episode is concerned, MnT have their reasons for everything. It could either make or break the show.
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Re: Why I think South Park is ending after S.15

Postby Talespin » Thu Jun 09, 2011 7:51 am

if that gets posted twice its cause I'm a dumbf*ck and half awake. thought I screwed it up the first time & rewrote it.

derp <_>

Edit: Honestly the whole "Year of the Fan" thing kind of reassures that last season theory, imo. Why else make such a big hype about the 15th season? Pick your top 15 eps, etc...

That song always makes me emo, but it was a little warped. I mean, I couldn't take it too seriously when there was a turd flower waving in the wind. XD still sad though. sh*tty sad.
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Re: Why I think South Park is ending after S.15

Postby obliviousone » Thu Jun 09, 2011 8:25 am

I have been an avid fan of south park since it's beginning and from what I've been seeing, it sure seems like season 15 is the end. I honestly think that episode 200 and 201 were the ones that really did it in. Matt and Trey have said in countless interviews that they don't have a line of where they will stop making fun of things. And though they didn't do it, Comedy Central made that line for them. If it was me, that would personally mess with me. Knowing that there is a point that I can't go past, even though I personally feel that the point doesn't make sense. As far as the series wrapping up with a movie, I don't see why that's not still possible. They put these episodes together in less than a week, I don't see why the couldn't put 90 minutes together by the end of the season. In addition I really doubt they would make a big deal about another movie if their fans know that is how they wanted to end the series. It would be pretty obvious the series is coming to a close, and obvious is not really matt and trey's style. It's already been said a lot in this thread but they are wrapping up all the lose ends in south park's history. I honestly wasn't convinced until this most recent episode. The last few minutes where sharon and randy are talking about growing apart, I really think that was the voice of trey and matt and their feelings on south park. The episode had far too serious of a feel for it to be ignored in my mind. I've always enjoyed south park, and I am sad to see it go, but every good thing must come to an end. Trey and Matt will always be geniuses in my book. Rest in peace, south park.
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Re: Why I think South Park is ending after S.15

Postby ctxppc » Thu Jun 09, 2011 10:22 am

I have faith Stan isn't being deleted from the show. Sharon made a joke of the show "Every time it's the same old story." What this means is that next time they probably will continue the joke by resetting everything, maybe making another joke while they're there that doesn't explicitly make the characters realize that everything is back to "normal".

However that same line makes me think that M&T may want to end the season (after they finish the contractual obligations). :(
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Re: Why I think South Park is ending after S.15

Postby Kuato_Lives » Thu Jun 09, 2011 11:40 am

Heads up folks, here comes a noob with a massive post.

First off... To be upset at the possibility of no new South Park episodes is pretty natural... I agree that this will probably be the last season. The signs are all pointing to it, and it makes me sad too.... At the same time though, it's also kind of selfish to be upset. Let's all remember that Trey Parker, Matt Stone, and all the great folks on the South Park team have done A LOT for their fans. However, they have lives too, and a type of creative energy that will eventually demand some new outlet for it. We can't just demand that they keep their nose at that one particular grindstone forever because it'll ruin OUR routine of watching it if they don't. Writing episodes is probably becoming more difficult. As the episode stated, everything that's coming out today is crap. There's only so many ways they can use the show to make fun of something before it becomes bland and repetitive. As for the episodes where the kids are just being kids... I LOVE those episodes, but again, they've been writing for 15 seasons. How much are we going to demand from these folks to satisfy us?

I think that if someone thinks of his/herself as a fan of their work and what they do, they will also allow the artist their own freedom of choice. If they want to end the show before it becomes another Simpsons, I say go for it, and I applaud their commitment to quality before dollars. It will sadden me greatly, but it would sadden me more to see my all time favorite show ever created slowly go down the tubes. I was never much of a Nirvana fan, but it truly is better to burn out than to fade away.

Let's not forget the awesome stuff these guys are capable of OUTSIDE of South Park, too. Anybody like the movie Orgazmo? How about Cannibal! The Musical? Team America? Everything they touch turns to gold. As long as they still have something to do, I'm sure it'll be fantastic, and keeping it fresh will only make it better.

Now, with that aside, I just wanna throw this out there... I think the next run should do one of two things. Or maybe even both. I think they should break through the fourth wall in the last episode and flat out have the boys speak to the South Park fans. I also think a neat idea would be to do the final episode in the same style as Cartman Gets An Anal Probe, as a reminder of how it started and where it all came from. I know I literally just said it's wrong to ask for them to work so hard, but sometimes it seems people totally forgot about the early episodes. The classic, early style, stop motion cardboard cut outs might introduce fresh fans to the roots of the show and encourage them to appreciate the series as a whole. I started watching when I was a kid because it was full of swear words and all the kids at school talked about it. Now, as an adult, I STILL love the show, and the old episodes have a lot of material I never noticed as a young'n that I can now appreciate.

Thanks to those who took the time to read this post. I hope that someone can agree with me.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone, thanks for 15 seasons of excellence. That'll do, pig. That'll do.
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Re: Why I think South Park is ending after S.15

Postby Type O Negative » Thu Jun 09, 2011 11:48 am

Anyone else feel that the two creepy britches' thieves were Trey and Matt? ...
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Re: Why I think South Park is ending after S.15

Postby Piccolo » Thu Jun 09, 2011 11:49 am

Excuse me for bad english.

Please END South Park soon, before i grow hatred towards it... This season didn't have slightly good episode(only episode that was average was 1505.), and all this started after 11th season.
12th, 13th and 14th season, although they had lame episodes, they also had very good and even 1 or 2 excellent episodes. Unfortunately i cannot recall all of what i had in mind, but for me crucial thing was change in Cartman's behavior from regular assh*le to unbearable one(and for the record, he is mine favorite character from the beginning) and even more miserable was drastic change in his voice(that was knife in the heart).
I would rather have each year 1 South Park movie like "Bigger, longer and uncut" or movie like "Imaginationland" consisted of 3 episodes than wait every week for new episode and find that it's crap.

If you're tried to send message with this episode that you're tired of making SP, you could have just say so and not try make us fans hate you(although we never will).

Despite that now South Park turned to complete failure, i will always treasure episodes like 0218, 0801, 0806 (and many more, but these 3 are my favorite).

Best of luck...
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Re: Why I think South Park is ending after S.15

Postby Barack_Obama » Thu Jun 09, 2011 12:32 pm

Going to sleep now, maybe someone has another idea of what's going on. I still stand by my two predictions. It ends, and if it doesn't end after 15b, then 16 and 17 will be them growing into their tweens, if ratings fall, that will be the end. As I put in the other thread for that idea. (its enough to get its own thread, I think. To me, at least, these are the two most likely options, seeing as what M and T (the old men in the ep) said at the farm and what Sharon and Randy said in the fight scene.)
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Re: Why I think South Park is ending after S.15

Postby ShaneHaughey » Thu Jun 09, 2011 2:48 pm

If Stan is truly out of the show, then even if the series 'continues' as it is contracted to season 17, then South Park effectively ended last night and it ended painfully. If Stan is written out of the show, then almost fourteen years of my life has been laughed at by Matt Stone and Trey Parker. What a load of sh*t.

I, for one, am blatantly ignoring #1507 and all episodes after that do not restore Stan. I will not buy the DVDs. I will not watch the show. I am not only angry over Stan being written out, but being written out in such a mean spirited, vicious way. I pray that this is not the case. Otherwise, it is the end.
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Re: Why I think South Park is ending after S.15

Postby aerisangel16 » Thu Jun 09, 2011 3:32 pm

South Park has been renewed through 2013. I think that they haven't had much change in plot regarding boys and the town life in a while, so it was a good opportunity. But most importantly, I think M&T went in this direction because yes, they are mentally exhausted, but also to show that all good things must come to an end. That being said, I hope they leave the show on a happy note.

But again, South Park HAS been renewed through 2013.
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Re: Why I think South Park is ending after S.15

Postby jayman419 » Thu Jun 09, 2011 4:22 pm

Barack_Obama wrote:Going to sleep now, maybe someone has another idea of what's going on. I still stand by my two predictions. It ends, and if it doesn't end after 15b, then 16 and 17 will be them growing into their tweens, if ratings fall, that will be the end. As I put in the other thread for that idea. (its enough to get its own thread, I think. To me, at least, these are the two most likely options, seeing as what M and T (the old men in the ep) said at the farm and what Sharon and Randy said in the fight scene.)

It definitely ends. Unless it doesn't. In which case, it won't. But it might.

I doubt it's the end. EW reported that they have a contract throuh 17. They have said previously they want to do a movie for the final episode. By all indications, they are tired and burnt out, just like they always are after doing a run of episodes. They have a side project, as they frequently do. They have families now, that's really the only big change.

Yes, it was a dramatic episode. The first one with an "Empire" ending. But they haven't said a thing about wanting to be done with South Park, and they have been in interviews all over the place talking about Mormon, and SP always comes up.

If Stan doesn't come back, we'll just get more Butters and Hoodless Kenny. Trey has spoken about watching the show with his girlfriend's kid and wondering about the influence Cartman has. Softening Cartman by letting him be Kyle's friend (instead of jealous of the friendship Kyle and Stan had) and letting Kenny develop (beyond the 3 or so intelligible sentences he's managed) won't be the end of the world. It's not like they're handing control over to someone else. They're just freshening things up, painting themselves into a corner, and forcing themselves to be more creative.
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Re: Why I think South Park is ending after S.15

Postby CartmansWhore » Thu Jun 09, 2011 5:00 pm

Last time I heard, they renewed thru S15 and I always had a feeling this was going to be one of the more dramatic seasons and it scared me to think it may be ending; although it seems like everyone is saying it'll keep going thru S17, but where is your source?
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Re: Why I think South Park is ending after S.15

Postby clis01 » Thu Jun 09, 2011 5:19 pm

I don't think its the end of the show.
Think about it.
They realized this season was sh@%#y and had horrible humor because the jokes were old, the characters were old and everything was simply s@$%y. So what would they do to fix the season?
change the contents of what is inside southpark. The age of characters, the jokes themselves, the reaction and ways they make fun of current events.
I believe the show will comeback with major changes.
The following and above is simply speculation but...
Stan will still be in the show but I believe he may comeback older, or maybe a little while later, as the world seems to fix itself only when the 4 are together. He may be surrounded by cynical people that think everything is sh*t. (Like a retirement community).
but i really do not know what the next episode will have, though it needs to have Serious changes in order for the show to continue or it will all end on a horrible note and horrible season.
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Re: Why I think South Park is ending after S.15

Postby FrancescoZZ » Thu Jun 09, 2011 6:18 pm

What was this Matt and Trey? An attempt to defend the fact that South Park is now sh*t?
Honestly, this has been the worst season so far, all of the episodes were terrible except for City Sushi, and that was nothing but a mildly funny rehash of the old Asian Engrish joke.
And no, I'm not a cynical assh*le as you would put it in this last episode, I still love the old stuff.
I'm also sort of let down by the fact that none of the other people who comment seem to see this.
I hope you guys get your sh*t straight, South Park was always my favourite show, I would rather it would not fade away as the quality slowly dwindled forever tarnishing the memory of what was arguably the funniest show ever.

>What I wrote on "You're Getting Old"

Honestly I think it's a good thing they're ending, rather than butchering any more than they have been lately. You can see that over the years they've been running out of ideas, always concocting more random and complex story lines and, as of lately, they've really been lacking in quality.
I guess all good things come to an end, I guess it's just a pity they have to this way.

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