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Re: Worst season ever?

Postby capt_falcone » Mon Dec 06, 2010 6:00 am

Brendle wrote:"Satire's only good when it's not mainstream, yo! It's only good when they mock obscure subcultures, yo!" You're like those annoying underground music fans who hate anything on radio just because it's on radio.

It depends on the type of music, but I love the radio. Some of the more popular stuff I don't like though, but that's just because its sounds awful and took no actual musical talent to make. But I will listen to a little bit of everything from classical to any modern genre.

Brendle wrote:People who point and laugh at ideas/people/things in the world and expose them for how absurd/stupid they are...the world NEEDS that.

It's not funny when it's so blatant. The comedy made from satire comes from the subtle attacks that fly under the radar. For example, we all know that having facebook friends is pointless and its easy to get sucked in. There is nothing clever about an episode dedicated to somebody actually getting sucked into it.

Brendle wrote:Tell me what there is in season 1. Please tell me the smart intelligent humor in season 1. I'd LOVE to know.

I won't bother since Zazaban already threw some out there.

Brendle wrote:Even Matt and Trey disagree with you. They've admitted that (paraphrasing) "we were just two guys from Colorado trying to say a bunch of bad words on the TV...we weren't writers and we didn't write stories."
Sometimes the best content comes from when writers are just messing around trying to have fun. Not having the pressure and history to be funny, clever, and groundbreaking. Also, writers opinions of their won work generally differs greatly from the general public's opinion of it.

I'm not saying modern South Park is not funny. I enjoy every season of South Park. But the core essence of what it was is gone. It was about 4 potty mouth kids that had an innocence about them, because they were kids. They did not always fully understand the events or even words around them, and that effected their actions. Now their actions, and knowledge of life is that of adults, which makes no sense considering their supposed to be 9. Even their voices have gone from sounding like kids to sounding like adults.

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Re: Worst season ever?

Postby Brendle » Mon Dec 06, 2010 10:30 am

Um, you've completely misunderstood what I'm even arguing.

I'm not arguing that modern South Park is good. Seasons 12-14 suck.

I'm arguing that season 1 also sucks. It's a show for children.

Seasons 4-7 and season 11 are wayyyyy better than seasons 1-2.

They were just poor writers back in season 1. I remember a particularly unfunny joke from the early seasons: Kenny mumbles something, say, "Yeah, whatever." Then another character says "you can say that again!" so Kenny mumbles "yeah, whatever" again. This is a predictable derp joke.
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Re: Worst season ever?

Postby nick1c » Thu Dec 09, 2010 3:22 pm

Brendle wrote:
nick1c wrote:i agree wt stan fan the first season might not have the storyline your looking for but it was a show that was made for kids and i think if you were all 12 years old again you would c what you saw in it back then :mrgreen:

This is what is called "nostalgic value" or "sentimental value."

If you take that away and look at the season for what it is, it's just not very good.

yes i undrestand what you are talking about with nostalgic value and even now i know that the episodes are not as good of storylines but if u were to sit your little kid in front of the tv with the first season of southpark on they would find it way more funny than a group of adults would(and vice versa with the new episodes). the episodes were very crudly made and the storylines were not very planned but they are withought a doubt more funny for kids than us adults. honestly people who watches south park for the messages behind the episodes just sit back and let the funny hit you (LIKE A KID WOULD) :wink:

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