10 completely pointless South Park facts

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10 completely pointless South Park facts

Postby Mromgtkkyb1992 » Sun Jan 16, 2011 5:27 pm

It's that weird swear word counting guy again, but I'm not in a bad word counting mood well not currently. So I'm gonna think of 10 facts from south park that not many people probably know.

1. Kenny has committed suicide 19 times. 13 by accident and 6 on purpose. If you only count the tv show.

2. That also makes Kenny responsible for most of his deaths.

3. He committed accidental suicide for the first time in episode season 1 episode 12.

4. And purposefully in season 2 episode 2, but done so to save others.

5. The South Park movie spans over 5 or 6 days depending on how late the war went on for.

6. Craig's hair has been seen 3 times and every time it has looked different.

7. Kyle has only been completely hatless showing his giant afro in 9 episodes, 13 for Stan, and Kenny's standard hood has been down or off in 8 episodes.

8. The movie seemed to give hints that Butters was gonna become a more important character. As he did two very Buttery things in it. Despite not talking he touched Cartman when Cartman asked who wanted to f*cking touch him, and fell down during "La resistance" While holding the flag.

9. Kenny has been in 178 episodes, Cartman has been in 204, Kyle has been in 203, and Stan has been in 204.

10. All these facts serve no purpose.

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