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Create your own season

Postby acrestare » Sun May 01, 2011 3:23 am

Come up with 14 episode titles and plots to go along with them.

Here are my 14:

1. "Lady Moo Moo": Lady Gaga's unruly need for meat dresses causes her to scavenge among the cows of South Park all while the town rallies to protect their meat supply.
2. "Graffiti Meanie": Cartman abuses Urban Dictionary as a medium for ripping on various people in South Park. He becomes so infamous that a French film producer wants to make a documentary about him. Will Cartman turn himself in to accept fame or will he continue to be an unknown menace to society?
3. "What is thy Bidding?": When London backs out of hosting the 2012 Olympic Games, South Park takes advantage of the opportunity.
4. "Geophags": Randy Marsh uses his geological knowledge to figure out that eating dirt is healthier than taking supplementary pills. When dirt begins to sell more than medicine, pharmaceutical companies manage to intervene.
5. "Three Boys & a Baby": When a bullet that kills Kenny accumulates his sperm and accidentally impregnates a woman, it's up to the boys to keep everything pacified!
6. "Red Boxers": The boys are enraged at all the Blockbusters going out of business and the lack of movie rentals, so they take it out on the only "red box" in town. After they get a little out of control, they end up destroying it and everything it contained, so it's up to the boys to reinvent the movies themselves.
7. "Swing Choice": Town surveyors want to take a poll of the town's official sexual orientation. When there happens to be a tie and the only person who hasn't declared is Stan, both straight and gay influences are proposed to get him to declare and throw off the balance.
8. "The Crip's Speech": Jimmy is running for a very special position, but unfortunately his speech impediment is hindering him from making any success. He is accompanied by someone who can speak smoothly all too well...
9. "Tales of a Fourth Grade Killing": After everyone around town hears about the elementary school class in the U.S. that had conspired to kill their teacher, the parents go out of the way to make sure their kids aren't doing anything suspicious in their classroom.
10. "Saturday Scholars": Stan and Kyle are among the top kids in their class to be invited to a special program that holds authentic lectures at the school on Saturdays. When Kyle cannot due to his religion, this gives Cartman twice the pride for ripping on him.
11. "The Unit": When the need for a new standard unit of mass is declared, Stan and Kyle think Cartman would make an exceptional replacement for the kilogram. Cartman however is not so keen on the math and science aspects he will have to endure.
12. "Dirty Ugly Things": Lured by the search for a "cash cab" in their town, the boys end up in a taxi taking them to a black market transaction in South Park.
13. "Trophs": In order to conserve money for the rising cost of food, scientists have come up with a way to allow humans to make food themselves. This puts the town of South Park into a spellbinding state of autotrophic nature!
14. "Pint-Sized Vintage": It's safe to say that the boys have more or less become famous, practically internationally, whether it's been exposing the corruption of Disney to flying with Starvin' Marvin in Space. When they start to notice their appearances on t-shirts, videogames, posters, etc., the boys start to question why the sudden fame, and who is violating their image.

Now it's your turn! Challenge yourself!

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