Season 16 so far has been.....

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Re: Season 16 so far has been.....

Postby FatFuzzy » Sun Apr 22, 2012 11:10 pm

South park sux donkey balls. The story lines are horrible, there is no action...unless it's forced...just absolutely putrid rotten sh*t like cartman's bunghole. Worst fuking episodes I've ever had the displeasure of watching. I would rather pull my eyeballs out myself w/ a pair of pliers than sit thru another 5 minutes of what these pretentious knob polishers call art. I would rather be anally probed by robin williams. I would rather take my balls, put them in a vice grip, and smash them w/ a ball peen hammer. I would rather pour gasoline all over my body and light my self on fire while singing the national anthem. I WOULD RATHER WATCH FUKING FAMILY GUY. Matt & trey, perhaps you should stay focused on broadway & getting cool haircuts and come back to south park when your sense of humor has returned.
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Re: Season 16 so far has been.....

Postby Brendle » Mon Apr 23, 2012 6:30 am

This season is bad? Complete NONSENSE. If anything, this season has been an improvement of sorts.

Reverse Cowgirl: A fairly weak start to the season. The premise didn't really go anywhere. There was a fairly amusing men vs. women dialogue (leaving the toilet seat up vs. leaving it down) that reminded me of Eat, Pray, Queef (farting vs. queefing). It was an episode based solely around toilet humor and focusing on social etiquette is an odd angle for South Park. 5.5/10

Cash For Gold: They hit their stride here. Grandpa Marsh is funny as f*ck. Him not remembering that he gave Stan the bolo tie due to Alzheimer's and calling it "gay as f*ck" is one of the funniest jokes of the season. The focus on exploitation of old people is powerful. Stan's deadpan "kill yourself" scene was great. The final scene with the old people was also great. 7.5/10

Faith Hilling: This was also good. Matt/Trey's disgust for the younger generation's trends really shines through here. An interesting comment on how fast everything is becoming...the speed at which trends change and the digital age. The highlight was the satirical parody of a cheesy old 80s video of peer pressure. Kids being peer pressured into "memes" highlights the absurdity of them being cool in the first place. 7.5/10

Jewpacabra: A strange episode featuring my least favorite character, Eric Cartman. However, it certainly has its moments. Cartman attempting to lure the Jew monster by saying he doesn't believe in the divinity of Christ was great doubt Matt Stone had a lot to do with the script here. The flashbacks didn't work, nor did anything else. Even the irony of Cartman becoming Jewish didn't really fire. I think a more interesting episode would begin with Cartman becoming Jewish at the START. 4/10

Butterballs: And now we have a classic episode in just about every way. I've already talked about this in my own thread in this section, and in the post-air thread. 10/10

I Should Have Never Gone Ziplining: A decent satire of reality television. I loved the narrator's dramatic narration about boring sh*t...such a funny concept. The in-depth explanation of Cartman's diarrhea was amusing. The re-enactment scene was fascinating, daring, and it worked. The decision to go live-action allowed for some great self-indulgent jokes, where they used the disparity between animation and real life to make some great gags: Mr Hankey as a static turd on the boat. Hilarious. It really serves to highlight just how useful animation can be in bringing concepts to life, as a talking turd in real life looks stupid. The "long story short" joke was also cool. 9.5/10
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Re: Season 16 so far has been.....

Postby juanschwartz93 » Tue Apr 24, 2012 4:02 am

I agree it's not their best! I'm looking forward to some improved episodes maybe something less topical and something more towards the original core idea of the life of a 4th grader! I remember sort of thinking the beginning season 15 was only alright then they hit us with Royal Pudding and I still die every time I see that.

The ziplining one was not bad but the live action bothered me and the fact that it was not Trey's legendary voice that I've grown up with for 15 years narrating... (I don't know if it was the guy from the I shouldn't be alive real show but still, all celebrity voices are impersonated.... POORLY! It's in the south park preface!!)

Anyway kudos to Matt and Trey for all they have done--from Cannibal the Musical to the Book of Mormon--and will do; they are comic geniuses and I will always appreciate the good the bad and the okay, because no one can knock it out of the park every time! LONG LIVE SOUTH PARK--VIVA LA RESISTANCE!!!
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Re: Season 16 so far has been.....

Postby rodejl » Thu Apr 26, 2012 3:09 am

Season 16 is definitely one of the worst ones we have seen. That being said, a bad South Park episode is still better than a great episode of almost any other show. No offense intended to Matt and Trey, but I for one am ready to wash my hands of this season and can't wait for the next one.
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Re: Season 16 so far has been.....

Postby jendrian » Thu Apr 26, 2012 5:32 am

Cartman finds love. Wow, way to come back from a terrible start; this episode was fantastic! Matt, Trey... you guys rock.
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Re: Season 16 so far has been.....

Postby nothingtoseehere » Thu Apr 26, 2012 9:04 pm

I actually have enjoyed Season 16 so far.
Reverse Cowgirl was a great start. I admit that Cash for Gold and Faith Hilling weren't as good, but jewpacabra and Butterballs were much better. I loved I should have never went zip lining. I was laughing the whole time. And the mid-season finale was great as well.
I remember enjoying the 2nd half of season 15, and I was disappointed in the first half, though after getting season 15 of DVD, I'm liking 15A more and more. I'm hoping it's the same with season 16.
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Re: Season 16 so far has been.....

Postby Stanluv25 » Thu Apr 26, 2012 10:07 pm

And the verdict is... very good. :) I laughed a lot and there were more enjoyable episodes than ones I didn't like. Reverse Cowgirl was meh and won't watch any time soon. Clyde's mother dying and toilets are not funny. Cash for Gold was wonderful, defiantly underrated and I still don't think it deserves all its hate. Faith Hilling again, I was lol-ing plenty. Jewpacabra- horrible. Butterballs-fantastic as we can all agree. Ziplining- I think I enjoy it more and more since it aired. And finally Cartman Finds Love- good and sweet but awkward at some points.

A lot of Cartman. A lot of unnecessary Cartman and Butters. And a lot of very very weird uncomfortable Cartman and Kyle. But on the plus, very little Randy! YA!

Overall good start so far. A solid B for me. Looking forward to 16B so much!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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Re: Season 16 so far has been.....

Postby Sgt.YatesMonkeyBalls » Thu Apr 26, 2012 10:12 pm

I preferred 16A over 14B and 15A. About equal with 15B. Butterballs was my favorite episode since Medicinal Fried Chicken. Overall, a good run. But on the minus, very little Randy! BOO!

But seriously, I can't wait for 16B.
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Re: Season 16 so far has been.....

Postby Lyon82 » Thu Apr 26, 2012 11:07 pm

Overall decent, but incredibly heavy on the Cartman. The only time he wasn't the main or secondary was in Butterballs. Kenny pretty much was MIA and Kyle was really only used as a foil to Stan or Cartman (admittedly to awesome effect). There were two somewhat weak episodes for me and two really, really great ones with decent stuff in the middle. Far better than the first few episodes of 15A (Humancentipad, Funnybot and Royal Pudding).

I will say though is that there is a bit of a change in the writing in general the last season or 2 with there being more subtle jokes and I've noticed even amongst people I know a divide along the age line in terms of enjoying those changes.

If I had to rank them:

1.) Butterballs- Eps where Butters is a lead almost always make me smile and this was no exception. The speech to his grandma might be the most epic "I learned something today" speech in the show's history. The video stuff played out wonderfully with the various bathroom confrontations and Stan had a moment where he pulled a Randy and caused one of the biggest Ear Worms in the show's history. Everything came together well and it's one of my fave eps as a whole.

2.) Cartman Finds Love- Cartman's a wonderful assh*le even when he is legitimately following his bigoted heart to do the right thing. I mean, he very publicly declared himself gay (along with Kyle) to keep his plan going, which is dedication. And then the whole Cupid-me segment that plays out like some deranged narcissistic romance. Cartman can only love himself and likely never even considered that his methods of ensuring Token and Nichole hooking up was pretty much an epic cock block of his best frenemy. The only thing that needed to happen was Kyle getting to beat the crap out of him at the end there.

3.) Jewpacabra- This one was subtle, but had some great Character development for Cartman. Basically this was a case of him going in too deep in his own plan to the point he actually started believing his lies. His own imagination got the better of him at every turn and he actually had a genuine, if misguided form of repentance. The Peanuts parody was absolutely priceless as was the ending of Kyle admitting that Cartman isn't lying while the 'just stupid' followup was left silent. Not laugh out loud funny, but a well done dramedy episode.

4.) Faith Hilling- I got a kick at poking fun at memes and how ridiculous they can be and how quickly the fads on the internet changes. I could appreciate the humor around internet humor and the subtle jabs at reaching an age where the stuff popular with the kids either sucks or just doesn't make sense any more. The political commentary was definitely there but surprisingly subtle given this show's general tendency toward over the top.

5.) Reverse Cowgirl- This is one of those cases where having a vagina just works against this episode. The TSA stuff was amusing, but I have to admit being a touch squicked out at the drawn out masturbation portion and the constant inspections of assh*les. Just the sound of the jacking off was a bit unsettling. The sueance stuff I found to be a bit neutral on, but I did love how Butters set up the episode's punchline.

6.) Cash For Gold- Great concept that didn't quite work out. The Jewelry Network sequences were a bit drawn out, the economic A Capella ditty repeating itself ate up time that really should have done something to resolve Cartman's scheming. On the other hand, the confused old folk and Stan's "Kill Yourself Rant" made the episode worth watching and the moments with Stan's Grandpa was legitimately heartwarming. This episode felt like they ran out of time in making it and had to stretch things out and not resolve certain plot points.

7.) I Should Have Never Gone Ziplining- My least favorite since I don't watch reality TV and thus the parody was just less fun for me. Dragged on a little too long on with the tour groups, albeit I suspect he pace was deliberate.That said, the absolutely terrible reenactment sequence was pretty brilliant.
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Re: Season 16 so far has been.....

Postby John_117 » Thu Apr 26, 2012 11:17 pm

I'm going to type up a review on all the episodes so far. Remember, this is judging the comedy part, not the storyline or drama. This is ordered from worst to best, worst being on top, best being on bottom.

#7: Cash For Gold - 3/10

I didn't like this episode very much. I didn't find any of the characters offensive. The scenes in the jewelry store kept repeating themselves, but in an unfunny manner. I guess M&T were trying to satire the real company Cash 4 Gold, but it felt too preachy with very little comedy, like they were trying to give an opinion about something when in fact, this is a comedy.

#6: Jewpacabra - 5/10

It was...ok. I mean there were some funny parts, like Cartman getting left out in the woods, and how Butters is scared of the Jewpacabra, but there were too many long strains of story and not enough comedy at all.

#5: I Should Have Never Gone Ziplining - 6/10

A slight improvement from the last, honestly. There were definitely some areas where it was funny. The live-action scenes were totally AMAZING, don't get me wrong. They were funny, and I found it funny Kenny gave herpes to everyone. However, the parts that zoomed into the kids' bodies weren't that funny, and the beginning wasn't all that great.

#4: Reverse Cowgirl - 7/10

When I saw this preview, I thought this was gonna suck. I thought it was pretty good, not because of the fart jokes, but how amazing Cartman was in this episode. From taunting Clyde (which is bad, morally) to how he trash talked the security and to how he held a gun to the baby and security. I also found the TSA security monitor guy funny when he was jacking it in the screens.

#3: Faith Hilling - 8/10

The classic gang of 4 is back, and they really hit it up in that week's episode. The scenes of all the meming, buses running over people, and also Butters holding a gun to his mouth was awesome. Solid episode.

#2: Cartman Finds Love - 8/10

Honestly, I don't know how people hated this episode. I liked it. Not for the romance, but how funny it was. From the bat-mobile, to the racism, to Cartman claiming he and Kyle are gay for each other and he (Cartman) sings a song about it. The ending was great, I'll tell you.

#1: Butterballs - 10/10

I honestly had low hopes for this episode at first. I thought it would be those cliche drama episodes you'd find in teen drama. It was f*cking hilarious. 2 catchy songs in one episode, and both Cartman AND Stan were very funny in this episode. Jesus being there to trash talk that damned manager pretty much put the cherry on the top of the sundae. Best episode in 16A.

Overall, 16A is better than 15B. It had stronger episodes, while Cartman was mostly the strongest presence, it was very humorous overall. It was a great first half of this season, and I hope M&T keep it up.

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Re: Season 16 so far has been.....

Postby nwt000 » Thu Apr 26, 2012 11:47 pm

Season 16A Episodes From Best to Worst (In My Opinion):
1. Butterballs
2. Cartman Finds Love
3. I Should Have Never Gone Ziplining
4. Reverse Cowgirl
5. Faith Hilling
6. Jewpacabra
7. Cash For Gold
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Re: Season 16 so far has been.....

Postby JerWu17 » Fri Apr 27, 2012 6:50 pm

Reverse Cowgirl -- ~5.5/10
-- Nice rip on the TSA, but the sueance plot was lame, and Clyde is a weak character who contributed little to the actual episode.

Cash for Gold -- ~6.5/10
-- Good development of Stan's relationship with his grandpa, but everything else in the episode was draggy and repetitive.

Faith Hilling -- ~3.5/10
-- A mish-mash of incoherent garbage. Why waste an entire freaking episode just to state that memes are lame!?

Jewpacabra -- 9.4/10 (#7 all-time fave)
-- A classic Cartman-vs.-Kyle / Cartman-screws-himself episode. Perfect for a fatass-hater like me! And for the last freaking time: NO, Cartman is NOT staying Jewish. You got that!?

Butterballs -- 7.4/10
-- Stan's anti-bullying song is SP's best since Montage. Loved the smooth merge of the bullying and Kony premises in the plot, but poor Stan...when will he fully return to his pre-1507 self?

I Should Have Never Gone Ziplining -- 6.0/10
-- The overall plot and the rip on group tours and cliche tourists was spot on, but the live actions tanked my viewing experience.

Cartman Finds Love -- 8.6/10
-- It is funny how demented Cartman is even in his cute romantic state. A great pure kids-being-kids episode that SP is sorely lacking these days. If only Kyle had a shot at revenge...


Conclusion: It took nearly half the run, but M&T finally got their Season 15B groove back and giving me hope that they do have enough in the tank to keep SP good all the way into Season 20.

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Re: Season 16 so far has been.....

Postby MoonBear70 » Fri Apr 27, 2012 8:36 pm

My rankng for my favorite to least favorite episodes for season 16A:

1. Butterballs
2. Cartman Finds Love
3. Reverse Cowgirl
4. I Should Have Never Gone Ziplining
5. Cash For Gold
6. Jewpacabra
7. Faith Hilling

Overall, I think 16A surpasses 15A on every level.
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Re: Season 16 so far has been.....

Postby raidpirate52 » Sat Apr 28, 2012 1:19 pm

It feels like it's been a turd sandwich run...the two best at both ends of the season, smooshed together with sh*t in the middle.

Reverse Cowgirl-while not one of the best episodes of all time, it looked good as a season opener. Definitely better than last years humananticentipad and light years better than Sexual Healing.
FaithHilling-Seemed very choppy, no effort put into the episode whatsoever.
Jewpecabra-Better than Cash For Gold and Faith Hilling, didn't rely on poor repetitive jokes that would slow the episode down.
Butterballs-A very good episode, would be perfect if not for that stupid ending that killed it.
Zip Lining-This is like the video game ET, it needs to be buried in a landfill and never seen again. Seriously, they were not thinking for this episode. Too much "Interviewing" it was annoying, seriously? What is up with the close up interviews lately? There's like one every season now, it's annoying.
Cartman Finds Love-Again, not one of the best, but for a mid-season finale it was pretty good. I enjoyed it.
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Re: Season 16 so far has been.....

Postby Superduperpooper » Sat Apr 28, 2012 6:12 pm

Cartman Finds Love excellent! only thing better would have been Kyle kicking Cartman in the balls as he ran away from Halitosis girl. And kenny talking once. 9.5 out of 10.

Some of the other eps this season were 4s or 3s, pretty sucky, with exception of the Bullying one, and the TSA one, but like someone else said, still better than half the crap on TV.

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