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South Park Stuff For Sale!!!

Postby 203177 » Mon Oct 15, 2012 2:51 am

Hi everyone, I am selling my South Park stuff if anyone is interested. I still like the show, but I do not need this merchandise anymore:

Rare South Park cross body bag $15
Plush toys: Terrance: $15, Phillip: $15, Cartman: $25, Mr. Hat puppet: $15, set of 4 smaller plushies (Kyle, Kenny, Stan, Cartman) $30
Christmas Time in South Park DVD $10
Imagination Land Uncensored DVD $10
South Park movie: Bigger, Longer & Uncut $5
DVD Seasons 1-4, 6, 10 $15 each
Blue South Park wrist band $5
South Park Stickyforms Adventure book $5

Prices do not include shipping. If you are interested in anything, please e-mail me at: and let me know which items you're interested in. I will then find out the exact shipping cost for you.

My favorite sp characters: Bridon(he's so cute!)
Kyle,Stan, Kenny/Mysterion.

Fave ep: ESM Season 12,Sec fave: Butterballs Season 16

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