I have a few things I want to say!

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I have a few things I want to say!

Postby SouthParkPrincess20 » Thu Oct 25, 2012 2:00 am

((i'm new and am not sure if this goes here but this is like a "Thanks SP Team" post! I doubt they'll read but I wanted to put it out there)) I want to start off by saying how much South Park has made my life so much better and has changed it....I met my boyfriend though the South Park fandom on youtube a year and a half ago and now were having talk of a South Park Wedding! :D We call each other Stan and Wendy, we have such an obsession with South Park between the both of us. Our lives right now are not that great;were dealing with long distance between us, and my life is always stressful and he is just trying to deal with being so far away from me, You dont know how close I was to self harming before SP really came into my life, I started watching SP and instantly all my troubles melt away and go away. We would have never met if we didn't know about SP, So Matt and Trey I would have never met the love of my life if it weren't for our passion for South Park! Thank you very much infinity you dont even know ;) BTW: I told April Stewart about our wedding plans and she is going to tell Matt and Trey! :D ((I can include pics of the tweets if you all want!))

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