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Great season

Postby bprado » Wed Dec 23, 2015 5:19 am


I´ve been watching SP since 99, and I´ve always loved it with a passion (even back when I couldn´t quite get every joke due to my age, foreignness and poor english skills). From the start, I could in the same episode agree completely with something and disagree with something else and I wouldn´t feel either sweet-talked or straw-manned, but would actually be able to laugh at the precise caricatures made of those who sometimes thought like I did.

As the series started taking itself more seriously, I could see the increasing influence of libertarian thoughts in Kyle´s speeches, which at first bothered me as a socialist. Then I realised that perhaps it was me taking the series more seriously; and I first realised those principles had already been there from the start, and were in fact the reason I sometimes would agree so much, while disagreeing so radically in other instances.

This made me start to consider South Park´s humour dangerous for young ones, since there are many valid values in libertarianism which can be distorted into horrible things through oversimplification+misunderstading. A cartoon relies on oversimplification to be feasible.

I felt this danger most of the season 19. At first, I even feared what the authors wanted out of PC Principal - could they really be implying that PC culture is aggressive, obnoxious, "bad"?

I started to realise things were not that obvious on Tweek x Craig, and was certain by Naughty Ninjas - you see, everytime there was going to be an exposition from a foreign culture, this little white girl is trying to lure the attention of people around away from it. Whether that´s utterly intentional or not (which it proves to be later), the simple fact that supposedly advantaged spoiled little girl believes herself to be more important than the group activity makes the overly aware Principal, who´s trying to promote the exact opposite behavior, go nuts everytime.

When Jimmy´s Pussy Crusher story came out (driven by the fact that Jimmy -wanted- to be treated specially. If the normal thing for young adults at parties is to flirt and get together, it would actually be a hipocritical special treatment if they just sat around the disabled kids feigning interest, and they would totally be satirized if they did that too. The fact they don´t want to get to know those kids better in an unappropriate enviroment doesn´t make the PC frats hypocritical about caring for their well-being), we could see that PC Principal is just an overreactive guy who´s honest regarding his beliefs. We see there are those who get in the bandwagon "just for the puss" (like there will always be in any movement), but not the majority (in contrast, say, with when the Priest goes to the Vatican to talk about having sex with little boys) and not PC Principal.

PC Principal is an aggressive person, and the aggressiveness of PC zealots is efficiently made fun of in the very first episode. You know who else is aggressive? Reality. And exactly at the point when PC Principal is at his softest (trying to protect absolutely everyone from any harm, when they´re already priviledged in the first place). Everything PC Principal says is right, but the things he does are misled, and his violence reduces his credibility.

We could think about why he is like that (being repeatedly exposed to the "little immune white girl behavior" from before comes to mind), but it´s more important to see that the people who were manipulating him knew he would act that way and used that to put people against him.

Leslie releases PC Principal because she wants him to kill more "people" and suffer the backlash. Advertisements are exposing the worst in political correctness in order to get people to be against it. It cannot get any clearer than that.

The speech in the end brought a tear to my eye. It´s wonderful to see that South Park knows itself to be PC; that unlike many of its young watchers, it
doesn´t confound controversial with incorrect ("sometimes it´s important to joke about unPC things, because it starts a dialogue"), that it knows the difference between racist and ethnocentric, that it doesn´t think and will never accept that dick jokes are the same as rape jokes. No means no, Bill Cosby.

Seriously, thank you for this genious season.
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Re: Great season

Postby RenoD » Wed Dec 23, 2015 9:11 am

I agree with everything, this is defenotly a great season but 'dangerous' for kids.
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Re: Great season

Postby Raging Clue » Thu Dec 24, 2015 3:25 am

i am offended by politically correct people.

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