How Southpark can make episodes about Islam

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How Southpark can make episodes about Islam

Postby sdofjiodfjqe » Sun Sep 11, 2016 4:05 am

Seemed too general to be episode suggestion so gonna leave it here.

Islam and Muhammad has so much potential to be make fun of...everything from the prophet being a pedophile (made 6 y.o made her clean his semen and had sex with her when she became 9 y.o ), necrophila (had sex with DEAD aunt inside her COFFIN), to proclaiming that Allah allowed him to have sex with slaves when he was caught cheating with a slave.

Unfortunately muslims would declare fatwa and try to kill Trey and Matt if they showed Muhammad's face or mocked him. Comedy Central wont allow it either.

So the way to go about this is use anaology. One southpark anaology of Kyle as Jesus in Paying For Everyone's Debts episode was good.

To make fun of Islam with I suggest an episode where a new cult shows up in town. The man doesnt need to look like Mohammad, but he just needs to use religion for his desires esp sexual ones. At the very end of the episode, you can put a TWIST...maybe a muslim watching this particular southpark show saying "Hey, that guy reminds me of someone..."

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