What's Cartman up to - season 20

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What's Cartman up to - season 20

Postby Cloyphish » Fri Oct 28, 2016 1:53 pm

Hi all!! First post.

I've been looking around for A discussion like this but couldn't find one.

I refuse to believe that this current season is not centred around Cartman winning/gaining the most out of whatever the outcome will be come the last episode. I'd love to see Cartman behind everything (trolling, member berries, and working towards electing Garrison as president).. So I'd like to know your opinions/theories..

What is Cartman up to? I don't believe Matt and Trey have made him a nice guy.. There's something going on and I suspect he is playing a big role in this. I have some theories but would love to hear others.

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Re: What's Cartman up to - season 20

Postby Nagual » Sat Oct 29, 2016 12:44 am

for me eventually cartman he will be cartman again and then heidi just well do a break up i think
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Re: What's Cartman up to - season 20

Postby mario88 » Sat Oct 29, 2016 12:54 am

It's hard to tell. I mean, maybe not even Matt and Trey still know what he is up to. Or maybe there isn't really anything to find out about Cartman and he isn't up to anything special. There might be a revenge towards the boys: i mean, for much less than what they did to him he destroyed scott tenorman's family.
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Re: What's Cartman up to - season 20

Postby Cloyphish » Sat Oct 29, 2016 2:02 am

^ very true. I have also considered that not even Matt and Trey know what they're doing, but since season 18 they've been delving into continuity between episodes, and considering they write and produce each episode within 6 days, although they're creative geniuses I think it's quite dangerous to not have atleast a scaffold of overall events to take place across the season.

Cartman is pure evil, and it would be in true South Park form to have him behind most of the events, and if so, I think his ultimate goal is to get Garrison (Trump) elected as president. I've outlined several things (although Farfetched) which he could be doing to manipulate the events to his advantage and makes ire Garrison is elected.

1. I feel like Cartman has played some unseen (yet) role in the trolling as he is now fearful it will come out.
2. He is fearful because he *needs* Heidi Turner as she is smart (and funny). She is smart.
3. He chose her because she is smart and but easy to use: executed by them sharing the common experience of not being on social media. I believe he knew what the boys were going to do to him,'and used this as an excuse to A. Look like a victim, B. Discredit his part in any kind of trolling, C. Get closer to Heidi.
4. Member Berries (now this is the most Farfetched part...). I feel the member berries are a metaphor for "the euphoric feeling you get remembering the good times when things go down hill". When in fact, Member Berries don't discriminate in what they "member", by just viewing everything in the relatively distant past as great. Trump's motto is "make America great again", an implication that it once used to be great, but no longer is. I feel that Member Berries are also a metaphor for a notion that many people may be thinking: "wtf are Trump supporters on to have them consistently believe the crap that his is spouting".
I have struggled to come up with any kind of explanation for the human induced existence of Member Berries outside of anything extra terrestrial. The closest I have come is rather Farfetched and needs some serious refining:

- Cartman knows Heidi Turner is smart
- Cartman is seen walking out of "Ghostbusters", another recent rehash
- Cartman, seeing a rehash, could quite possibly have also seen "Star Wars: The force awakens"
- Cartman emails JJ Abrams (under Heidi Turner - so as to not implicate himself - which will be later presumably discovered by Heidi due to his use of Emojis) to suggest that people just need to keep remembering the good old times, and he can make all the rehashes and sequels that he wants with success. Member Berries clearly release some euphoric chemical (my science is terrible so someone may be able to help me out here), and it JJ can invest in creating such a plant, it will make people see the value in rehashes and sequels.
- JJ agrees but with Cartman's ultimate goal for the Member Berries to make people "member" why America was once so great

5. Skanhunt42 - this was luck for Cartman. Cartman knew he was not the troll, but denying it in his usual sarcastic tone led the boys to believe that he was, putting his plan into action to discredit himself as having any wrong doing and getting close to Heidi. Cartman uses Skankhunt and Heidi to enlist the help of Denmark to make everyone's emails and internet activity public - a hopeful final blow to Hillary Clinton's (Turd Sandwich) campaign by releasing all content of her emails and dodgy activities. This backfires on Cartman. His imaginations of him being on Mars is more like an "everything is great - I have managed to progress further than anyone ever" feeling. The storm blowing him away is stress and inner unrest at the prospect of getting caught out on his internet activity with JJ Abrams.

All up. Cartman's grand plan is to get Garrison (Trmup, Giant Douche) elected to fulfill his racist, bigoted, and sexist wishes.

Or.. It could just be Matt and Trey producing week to week episodes without direction and I've looked into it way too much (which is incredibly likely). Thanks for reading!
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Re: What's Cartman up to - season 20

Postby HAcoreRD » Mon Nov 07, 2016 12:31 am

Very interesting theories, Cloyphish

It's hard to say what Cartman is. He was calling women smart and funny, and was "changing his ways" but acting like his old self with his mom, which would've been between Season 19/20.

That said, Cartman is either lying and is trying to paint himself as the sickening hero to get everyone tired of the PC ways or he simply played his good guy part and is enjoying what he has with Heidi.
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Re: What's Cartman up to - season 20

Postby JVM » Mon Nov 07, 2016 5:49 am

I think Cartman has genuinely changed and gradually shifted his worldview since "Stunning and Brave"... but I also believe he will eventually be reset to his old self, sooner or later. I don't believe he's pulling strings right now, but I think something will revert him.
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