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South Park Mining

Postby KyleBroflovski99 » Mon May 15, 2017 1:04 pm

After finding a csv file that has all the lines of all the episodes from season 1 to 19 in it, I thought it'd be interesting to analyze the data.

Why not start with a pie chart representing the shares of lines spoken by the main characters?

I'm sure it's not a secret that Cartman is the "main character" of the show, but it sure is interesting to see that Eric has roughly 30% more lines than Stan, and roughly 40% more than Kyle does.

Following, the ten characters with the most lines spoken over 19 seasons:

Cartman 9774
Stan 7680
Kyle 7099
Butters 2602
Randy 2467
Mr(s). Garrison 1284
Chef 917
Kenny 881
Sharon 862
Mr. Mackey 633

What would be very interesting next is to analyze the development of those and other things throughout the seasons, but I didn't come to that, yet. Just was surprised there's no such thing yet and thought I'd share my very basic results so far and maybe motivate someone else to find interesting patterns.

If anyone is interested in doing some of their own analysis, here's the csv file: (note that for some reason, All_seasons.csv doesn't include the 19th season, so you should append it manually)
Alex Shir
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Re: South Park Mining

Postby Alex Shir » Mon May 15, 2017 4:08 pm

It's really impressive. I also thought that most of the series begins with Cartman's activity. This character is a hero-trickster as Loki, without which the plot loses its dynamism.
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Det. Sandy Vagina
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Re: South Park Mining

Postby Det. Sandy Vagina » Wed May 17, 2017 9:36 am

I'm surprised Butters doesn't have a higher percentage. I suppose the first 3 seasons when he didn't even exist (I know he appeared in two season 3 episodes) pushes him back a lot. Wasn't really shocked by Cartmans statistics. LOL @ Kenny though

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