South Park ad Aired on MTV (lost)

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South Park ad Aired on MTV (lost)

Postby dinghy » Wed Nov 01, 2017 4:52 pm

I was watching the MTV video music awards about 2 years ago and as I was being exposed to the cynical, depressing, sh*t that is MTV programming, this ad for south park/comedy central came on. This was basically the premise,

the boys all staring at the TV in Cartman's house, half closed eyes, open mouth. Trey's voice-over, "Welcome back to the Video Music Awards! Where MTV brainwashes children into systematically consuming utter garbage and shows them no other alternative than what we WANT them to watch! now back to the show!" and I think it changed to a shot of the TV with the comedy central logo on it.

IT f*cking BLEW MY MIND. Like there's all these ads for Honda and Hollywood teen movies and Kim Kardashian's perfume, and then THAT comes on. I was watching the VMA with a bunch of friends who actually enjoy pop music, so that came on and it was like I was reminded that there's a world outside of the garbage peddling that masses of people consume everyday, masses including the people immediately surrounding me who are my closest friends.

Ive never seen that ad since, do they air it every year? It DIDNT look like current animation they use. It looked like it even pre-dated the 2000s, like it was BIgger Longer Uncut era animation. I think about this ad all the time. This forum is literally the only place I'll get any closure on finding this. :tweek:

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