I owe my life to South Park

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I owe my life to South Park

Postby chef109 » Wed Aug 05, 2020 6:52 pm

I feel like a lot of the attention South Park gets on social media is pretty negative. I have noticed a lot of people pointing the finger at South Park for contributing to many different bad things in society. It seems like, since the show has been conceived, there has always been someone there to hate on it and it continues to be like that to this day. I feel like the good this show does has been extremely understated so, in this tweet, I wish to share my story in an effort to demonstrate that South Park is more than just crude humor and actually has the potential to change some people's lives for the better.

I'll come out and say it right at the beginning. South Park is 100% the reason my current relationship with my boyfriend was even started. Specifically, the Tweek x Craig episode that finally opened my eyes to the true nature of the feelings I had for my then best friend. Until then, I had always lead a pretty close relationship with him but didn't think anything of it at the time. We would often find ourselves engaging in heartfelt conversations whenever one of us was feeling troubled. There would even be tears sometimes. We did practically everything together even going as far as synchronizing our class schedules in high school and always making sure we got seats together in the seating charts (I was probably the biggest teacher's pet in the whole school so this wasn't hard). We would be over at each other's houses as often as possible. Sometimes spending weeks straight together during the summer months. I didn't think anything of this because I thought it was just normal for friends to do this stuff. Other people in our school began to notice this behavior, however, and they began to liken it to us being gay lovers. They would always phrase this belief in the context of a joke when they were around us but it always felt like they actually believed it. That didn't bother us at all really. We actually found it quite funny and would kind of just dismiss it entirely whenever it came up.

My perspective on this matter would change drastically once I had watched the South Park episode, "Tweek x Craig". Near the beginning, I saw Tweek and Craig being labeled as gay by all their peers despite that not being the case and I immediately drew a parallel between that and how our peers treated us at the time. I then saw that, in their state of denial, Tweek and Craig were miserable but, once they embraced it, they became much happier. What really got me was how they were acting at the end of the episode when they got together which, to me, looked almost exactly like the relationship I was leading with my best friend. I then realized that what I have felt for him is actually romantic love and I just didn't understand that. I always thought that love had to mean physical attraction and I just never felt that for him. I took this as a sign that I should make these feelings known to him as soon as possible and the next night I had mustered up enough courage to tell him. He always viewed himself as straight so he wasn't able to say yes right away. It actually took about a year and half or so for him realize he reciprocated my feelings towards him.

I'm extremely thankful that this ended up happening because now I don't have to worry about him leaving me. I've always struggled with really bad clinical depression and anxiety and he's been there to quell most of that. I've pretty much come to terms with the fact that, had he not been there for emotional support, I very well could have taken my own life by now. I really do have him to thank for my continued existence and South Park to thank for him even still being here and not having taken a different path in his life.

To Matt, Trey, and any other staff member that may be reading this. I present this story to you as proof that your show can do immense good. Even in the parts of an episode that might seem insignificant or just a stupidly funny joke. It feels weird to take a show like South Park so seriously. I mean, I'm writing all this about an episode centering on a Japanese style of fan art. It's only natural to write off something like as a joke the moment you hear of it but I really do think it's deserving of all these words I'm writing today. I could be wrong but I doubt my story is the only of it's kind either. This show has the potential to better the lives of an equal amount of people that it triggers. Just keep that in mind the next time a South Park related 'scandal' makes the headlines.
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Re: I owe my life to South Park

Postby triplemultiplex » Tue Aug 25, 2020 2:13 am

Cool. Life imitates art.
If anyone drew you as a yaoi couple, then it would be even more on the nose. ;)

You read it! You can't unread it!
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Re: I owe my life to South Park

Postby jizzmasterpino » Wed Sep 02, 2020 10:10 pm

"It feels weird to take a show like South Park so seriously."

It shouldn't. Laughter is key when taking things seriously. Wonderful that South Park had such a positive impact. Good luck to ya!
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